Founded in 1906, the Society runs a programme of events, indoor meetings at the World Museum Liverpool during the winter months and field meetings around the region during spring, summer and autumn.

The early years of the Society were documented in the Proceedings of the Liverpool Botanical Society, then in a Bulletin and the Society now produces a newsletter
Parnassia with news and reports of indoor and field
The Library of the Society, also founded in 1906, is located in the Botany Department in the Museum.

Yellow Horned Poppy
Yellow Horned Poppy

Members on a fieldtrip

The LBS visit to Altcar Rifle Range to see the Green-winged Orchids will be on Friday 16th May 2014 at 19.00 hours meeting at Hightown Station.

Spring Flowers
Photos by Peter Gateley

Lesser Celandine                  Garlic Mustard

Primrose                                Wood Anemone

Wild Arum                           Creeping Willow

Catkins                                    Cow Parsley

Golden Saxifrage               Bluebell