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About Quadlator II

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The quadruped robot Quadlator II has 4 legs, and total 12 joints. It was made from aluminum, with total 17Kg weight. With stretched posture, the length from hand-tip to foot tip is 1.26m. The width of its shoulders is 0.38m. The length of each leg is 0.25m. It can walk in crawl gait at speed of 2m/min. There are 3 joints for each leg. and there isn't any foot-like mechanisms (end-effectors). As well as walking, Quadlator II can also stand on its knees like human being and performs some operation with the 2 free hands. the related video are available here: (needs windows media player 9.0 or later version) 

Walking [Fast283K]
     [High Quality 5.06M]

Attached a tool[2.08M]

Other operations[472K]

The ancestor of Quadlator II is Quadlator I, which was made about 1996. Here is some status of it at 2003:

  • Aluminum material, main body weighted 15Kg;

  • The electronic control parts were set out of the robot body, They were connected each other via cables;

  • The drivers of the 12 motors were also set out of the body, DA & DIO are controlled via ISA bus, there was an extended ISA box;

  • The controller is a PC, with Windows 9X OS, the control programs were developed in Borland C++ 4.0.


The design of Quadlator II started on May 2003. The core control system is an embedded system, titech wire, motors are driven by titech robot driver. These are all components developed by Hirose Lab. in T.I.Tech, and commercialized by Tokyo Seiki. titech robot driver is a kind of PWM DC motor driver, the DC motor is Swiss made minimotor with 1/66 planetary reduction gear box. it was also attached with ABZ optical encoder. All the digital electronic control parts were onboard, including CPU mother board, wireless communication module, DA and DIO modules. A independent PC is used for high level control and computing, (ex. solving kinemics equations). The instructions were then transmit to the embedded system via wireless LAN. The OS of the embedded system is RT-Linux. A real time driver run in kernel space, in each period, it will send the command to PWM driver via DA converter. and read the result of ABZ encoder via DIO. These results were then converted to degrees for each joints, and feedback to the PC for display. The OS in the PC is Windows 2000, and the high level control program is developed in Visual C++.  MFC is used for GUI application, that the robot posture could be monitored in a standard windows application.

The developing schedule was as the below:

  1. May. 2003, started;

  2. June, 27, 2003, Submit the related paper to RSJ, only contained simulated result;

  3. June - July, 2003, titechwire was available, started to test;

  4. June 6 - July 22, Summer vocation.

  5. July 22 - Sep. 20,2003, Developed electronic control parts, programs. adjusted the robot;

  6. Sep. 20 2003, Demo

  7. Nov. 2004, Developed walking control program, the robot could walk.

DEMO in RSJ2003


The leg of QuadlatorII is a kind of parallel equivalence mechanism. All the tree motors for each leg are put inside the shoulder frames. The reduction is implemented via timing-belt and pulley. the reduction ration for these 3 joints are (not include the motor attached gear box)36/16=2.25, 50/16=3.125, (28/16)*(26/14)=3.25¡£The motor are all Faulhaber minimotor, with serial number 3557CR with a 66/1 gear box

Electronic Control parts

These contents can be referenced from the following chapters:

T.I.Tech Wire, About TITech-Wire Embedded system and T.I.Tech Robot Driver

[1, Basic system]

[2, Configuration and multi task]

[3, T.I.Tech Robot Driver and control loop]

[4, T.I.Tech wire and RT Linux compatibility]

[5, RT Linux kernel device driver]

[6, PID control]

[7, Others, Power, battery, motor-free etc.]

Installation of RT-Linux

[RT-Linux 3.1 installation]

[RT-Linux 3.2 Pre installation]


       DEMO in RSJ2003                                                                Stand up

                   View 1                                                                   View 2

      Electronic parts under construction               Basic operation confirmation

          High posture walk                                    Low posture walk

     Quadlator I, ancestor of Quadlator II

1. Walking[5.06M] ([283K])
2. Manipulating[2.08M]
3. Others(Fast [472K])

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