Liu Ren, Ph.D.

Liu is currently a principal research scientist and engineering manager at Robert Bosch Research. He is responsible for shaping strategic directions and developing key technologies in the field of visual computing including:
  • 3D graphics and embedded/mobile graphics systems
  • Real-time 3D rendering and geo-visualization
  • 3D gesture recognition and interaction
  • augmented reality
  • character animation
  • pattern recognition and biometrics
  • vision graphics
for industrial applications in Robert Bosch Corporation, a multi-national corporation with over $60 Billion revenue and more than 280,000 employees worldwide.

In particular, he has led the research, development, and production efforts for Robert Bosch's 3D artMap (Chinese: 三维艺术导航地图), the world's first stylized 3D navigation map powered by non-photorealistic (artistic) rendering technologies.

Liu has over 10 years experience on visual computing. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University, under the supervision of Prof.Jessica Hodgins in the area of computer graphics focusing on  data-driven character animation, vision-based performance animation, and real-time 3D rendering and visualization.

Products (New!)

3D artMap (Berlin, watercolor, day mode)
3D artMap (Berlin, Pen-and-ink & watercolor, day mode)
3D artMap (watercolor & pen-and-ink style, Berlin, day/night mode)

3D artMap is
the world's first stylized 3D navigation map powered by non-photorealistic (artistic ) rendering technologies.  3D artMap is the key feature
in Robert Bosch's 1st iPhone product (successfully launched in 2010.12) with very positive customer feedback. The product  is currently available for 19 countries in Western Europe including Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and others. 

Press releases:
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Mao Ye, Xianwang Wang, Ruigang Yang, Liu Ren,  and Marc Pollefeys, "Accurate 3D Body Pose Estimation From a Single Depth Image", Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2011), November, 2011 (New!).

Summary: A high accurate human pose estimation algorithm for entertainment applications that employ depth sensor as input

Xinyu Huang, Liu Ren, and Ruigang Yang, "Image Deblurring for Less Intrusive Iris Capture",  IEEE Computer Society Coference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2009), June, 2009

Summary: A long range and non-intrusive iris capture and recognition system featuring a novel image deblurring algorithm to handle the limitation of low cost hardware (patent granted)


Liu Ren, Alton Patrick, Alexei Efros, Jessica Hodgins, and James Rehg, "A Data-Driven Approach to Quantifying Natural Human Motion", ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2005),  August, 2005.

Summary: The first approach to automatic human animation quality evaluation


Liu Ren, Gregory Sharknarovich, Jessica Hodgins, Hanspeter Pfister and Paul Viola, "Learning Silhouette Features for Control of Human Motion", ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2004 Recommendation),  October, 2005.

Summary: A novel and low cost vision-based interface for "do-as-I-do" applications in entertainment industry



Wei Chen, Liu Ren, Matthias Zwicker and Hanspeter Pfister, "Hardware-Accelerated Adpative EWA Volume Splatting", IEEE Visualization 2004, October, 2004.

Summary: The first GPU-based approach to high quality volume splatting with EWA filtering (patent granted)



Liu Ren, Hanspeter Pfister and Matthias Zwicker, "Object Space EWA Surface Splatting: A Hardware Accelerated Approach to High Quality Point Rendering",  Computer Graphics Forum 21(3)( EUROGRAPHICS 2002, Best Paper Nominee), September, 2002.

Summary: The first GPU-based approach to high quality point-based rendering with EWA filtering (patent granted)

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