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Tutor Testimonials

Janet Sorlin-Davis:
My experiences tutoring have been a real eye-opener for me. I have worked with Asian and Bosnian refugees and have been humbled by their life histories, coping skills and determination to become a part of our society. The most interesting part has been that I did not need to be an expert at teaching reading. Just my training and presence alone created a mentoring atmosphere that encouraged life changes in people.

Tutor Shanon:
I started volunteering this year for LVA-PW because I feel that everyone should be offered opportunities to learn to read speak and write English effectively enough to gain rewarding experiences in literature, other media and society in general. Tutoring has provided me with a sense of accomplishment through the achievements of my student. In addition, it has given me great satisfaction by realizing the improvement of someone else’s ability to communicate. I truly appreciate the opportunity of tutoring offered through LVA-PW.

Tutor Susan:
I truly believe in the importance of adult education. In order for adults to be productive citizens and good parents, they must be able to read. In our community, LVA-PW provides that valuable service.

Tutor Carmen:
I am 58 years old, helping a 51 year old learn how to read. I am amazed she has been able to raise 2 children with the reading level she has lived with. I have been very fortunate over my lifetime to have had many opportunities to obtain a wonderful education she has not. And she is one of many individuals in our society.

Tutor Cynthia:
Illiteracy is a horrible barrier. It was not until I started working with my students that I fully understood how the inability to read places barriers on such quotidian activities as filling out DMV forms, applying for a job, searching for a new apartment or simply understanding a newspaper article about your community. Improving the opportunities for motivated Prince William residents benefits us all.

Tutor Judy:
My student is a Russian woman with a 13 year old son and married to an American she met in Russia. She was a trained cosmetologist, but her English was so poor that she rarely left her house. Once she became involved with LVA-PW, she obtained her driver’s license, obtained a part-time job as a shampoo girl, opened her own bank account, worked with a tutor to study for her VA cosmetology license, attended classes at NOVA with homework help from her tutor, learned how to use the computer at the LVA-PW office, passed her cosmetology test and obtained her license, and is now employed in a very upscale hair salon and makes a very good salary.