For Tutors

Tutors Are Needed!

LVA-PW has a waiting list of adult learners and class groups that need tutors.
Current tutors, can you tutor an additional learner or assist with a class group or act as a substitute from time to time?
Can you you add one more student to your existing class?
If so, please call the office at (703) 670-5702 and discuss the possibilities!

Tutor Advice

  • There is a wealth of resource information online. We have listed many websites which you can surf through by clicking on the Tutor Links tab to the left of this screen.
  • The LVA staff is here to help! We have a library with curriculum that tutors can check out for their students. Come and see!
  • Be patient and remember to stay focused on the student's needs, objectives and means of success rather than your own. Be patient, be patient, be patient!
  • Find out what specific things your student needs and focus on those things.
  • Be confident and know that all education is a step-by-step, week-by-week endeavor.
  • Be patient and listen to what the learner really wants from each session.
  • Be flexible and search until you find materials that are of interest to your student.
  • It may be hard not to impose your own goals on your students. They must be allowed to set their own pace, which may not be your pace.

Reporting Hours

Please remember to report your tutoring, preparation, and travel hours to the office at the end of each month!  Those hours play a vital role in keeping LVA-PW running.  Below is a forms that you can use to report your hours.  You do not have to use the forms, but many tutors find them helpful.


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