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Eucharistic Enculturation in Emerging Congregations: Three Case Studies

A Paper Submitted to Professor Melanie Ross for "Baptism and Eucharist in Ecumenical Dialogue" (REL 675), Yale Divinity School. December 15, 2013.

Medicine of Immortality: An Orthodox Prescription for the Renewal of Eucharistic Theology in a Dying Church

Submitted to Professor Christopher Beeley in Partial Fulfillment of "Early Christianity (Patristics)" (REL 620), Yale Divinity School, December 14, 2014.

Common Prayer in Discontinuity: A Reflection on Anglicanism and Apostolic Tradition

Submitted to Professors Theresa Berger and Bryan Spinks in Partial Fulfillment of "Foundations of Christian Worship," Yale Divinity School, November 13, 2013.