We want to make your child's start at Littlesteps as easy as possible.

When applying for a place, you will receive a copy of our 'Welcome Booklet', which designed to explain how everything works and to give you all the information you need.

Before your child starts at Littlesteps, you will both be introduced to your child’s key person. The key person is the staff member who will work regularly with your child

Preferably, you and your child will have a few visits before they start with us, to familiarise both of you with the staff and the environment. In these sessions, you will stay in the setting, watching your child play and taking time to complete important paperwork with your child's key person.

Once your child starts at Littlesteps Preschool, your child's key person will work closely with you to help settle your child. You can always talk to any member of staff before or after a session about any concerns you may have, and we are happy to do this in private if appropriate.

We like to inform all families that we closely follow all current government guidance regarding Covid-19, to ensure the continued safety of everyone.

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