My teaching is inspired by the works and philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (1889-1998). Please visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas website and read their point-by-point summary of the Suzuki method.

Learning to play the violin can be fun. It also takes time, effort, and consistency. Daily practicing and listening to the Suzuki repertoire are essential. It is said that when asked by the parent of a 3 year old how much they should be practicing, Dr. Suzuki answered, "Two minutes with joy, five times a day." Dr. Suzuki also advised that students should only practice on the days that they eat.

I believe in the Suzuki triangle, which is the collective effort of teacher, parent, and student. I do my best to create a positive, comfortable environment in the lessons for both students and parents. We work hard, and we have fun. Parents are not required to have a musical background, so I work with them to allow them to fulfill their role of "home teacher". During private lessons, parents should listen attentively and take notes; at home, they are responsible for helping their children to establish consistent listening and practice habits. For more information about the role of the parent, please visit Paula Bird's Suzuki teaching blog.