Erin Rushforth is a registered Suzuki teacher for violin and Early Childhood Education. She was a Suzuki kid and is now a Suzuki parent, as well as Director of the Japan-Seattle Suzuki Institute.

Erin earned her MA in French studies from Brigham Young University before changing her teaching focus to Suzuki violin. She has studied Suzuki violin pedagogy with Liz Arbus, Linda Fiore, Cathy Lee, Pat D'Ercole, and Ann Montzka Smelser. Erin performs often for weddings, church services, and other events.

"My wish is that my students experience the joy of making music and the satisfaction of doing hard things, and that they develop a kind heart, the will to persevere through challenges, and the desire to serve others with their unique gifts."

Erin enjoys running, hiking, making plans, and traveling with her husband.