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LS08 Build

posted 21 Apr 2013, 11:49 by Andy Lakin-Hall   [ updated 21 Apr 2013, 14:14 ]
I've had a chance to a have a go at building a new recovery pod following the new Mk2 side ejecting design from Air Command. My previous top-releasing pod having become smashed beyond repair.

I'm a bit concerned that this design will have a few problems in flight, so I'm keen to experiment with this. I think the site flap might be blown open by the force of the launch, letting the parachute out early. The advantage of my previous top-release design was the pod never released accidentally on launch. The drawback was the force of every launch slowly damaged the pod's shell, eventually causing catastrophic failure and a spectacular smash.

As this side-deploy system has been successfully used by Air Command for ages, I might find that it works really well. I certainly hope it does, as I have chosen to cannibalise the parts from the broken top-release pod to build this one, rather than go for an entirely new build. This means that if this design fails, I will have to return to the top-release design and start again from scratch.

I have included details about the build on my recovery systems page.

Here is the new rocket, LS08 ready for use. I'm including one of the new nozzles as well, and I'm confident that this will hold pressure on the launcher far better than previous rockets. I am also using a new lightweight nose cone, instead of my favourite foam rugby ball. This should mean the rocket is less nose-heavy and should not follow a ballistic trajectory if the parachute fails to open, and end up nose-diving into the gorse - but I am far from certain about this. I will have to see, when I get a chance to go and launch it.