1. Water Rockets

Building and launching Water Rockets is loads of fun, developing all sorts of skills from being creative with junk to high-tech electronics. Most of the things I have learned originally came from hours of scouring different websites, some of which are now gone. I decided to start this website to document what I do, both for my own benefit, and for whoever manages to find me. I hope that you, dear reader, find this helpful - or at least interesting enough to inspire you to try building your own water rockets.

Rocket Blog

  • Here are the latest updates from the main Water Rocket Blog
  • Bottle Splicing It's time to try making a bigger capacity rocket by splicing two 2 litre bottles together.There's some good guidance to be found online for this, but I ...
    Posted 29 Sep 2017, 07:50 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Box Fin Design I've been looking for a new design for rocket fins, and came across the Box Fin from US Water Rockets. These have the advantages of being adjustable, and they ...
    Posted 15 Jul 2017, 07:25 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • 3D printed Pikachu Duncan found a Pikachu model on Thingiverse. I needed to make a couple of changes to the design, including mounting the model on a larger base, that also had a ...
    Posted 29 May 2017, 13:42 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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Launcher Systems

  • Information and development of Launcher Systems
  • Cable-Tie Launcher Just for fun, and for use at small scale demonstrations in restricted areas I have built a small cable-tie type launcher.This features a champagne cork, bored through with ...
    Posted 23 Apr 2011, 09:11 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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Recovery Systems

  • Rockets need a way of returning to the ground safely. Here are the latest developments in recovery systems.
  • Replacement Parachute module In my last big crash my side-releasing parachute module was destroyed, so it's time to build a new one.I had previously built a new internal mounting from ...
    Posted 10 Jan 2017, 05:52 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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  • All the electronics needed for recovery systems, data recording and Flight Computer development.
  • New parachute module prototype Here is my new parachute module under construction.The module is made from correx - two circles top and bottom, with a V inside.I've begun to mount the circuitry ...
    Posted 3 Sep 2016, 09:04 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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