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Karate Scratch Game

posted 4 Dec 2016, 13:20 by Andy Lakin-Hall
I shared this game on Scratch in March 2014, but only just remembered to blog about it.

You can find the game at https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/19182824/

How to Play

  • When the karateka strikes you have only a short time to block his attacks. 
  • Click any raised hands or legs to block them. If you click the wrong bit he'll add an extra block.
  • Each round he gets a bit faster.

I made this game in 2003 originally using Powerpoint and macros as a demo game for Smartboards in my school. Trouble is, the different versions of Powerpoint muck up the way the code works, and people are reluctant to activate macros - so it won't run on different computers reliably. Finally I got round to remaking the in Scratch so everyone can play.

Karate Handheld Game CompleteI've also just finished building a handheld version of this game using Arduino. Check out the blog page about that if you are interested.