Crumble Controller
The Crumble is an easy-to-use programmable controller from Redfern Electronics. It can drive 2 motors forwards and backwards. It has 4 IO (Input/Output) pads which allow connections to switches, LDRs, low power LEDs and so on.

Here are some of the things I've been doing with my kit.

CrumbleBot from Mindsets

posted 8 Nov 2015, 14:27 by Andy Lakin-Hall   [ updated 9 Nov 2015, 12:57 ]

On Friday the CrumbleBot chassis from Mindsets arrived.

This chassis matches the Crumble Controller, and you simply bolt the Crumble down onto the chassis with some nuts and bolts provided in the kit. This directly connects the two geared motors and the 4.5v battery pack.

The chassis also includes two Sparkles, two LDR sensors and a pair of digital IR sensors on the base for line following.

Getting it working was really simple, and creating a program to make it go was also straightforward. 

Here's a little video we made of the robot following the inside of a black tape line.

The code for the line follower is as follows

Crumble program 1

posted 16 Nov 2014, 08:56 by Andy Lakin-Hall

So my Crumble Controller arrived, with everything in the kit except a battery pack.

Fortunately I had a 3xAAA cell pack in my bits box, so I was able to gather everything together for the first test without any problems.

The software was easy to download from although my browser suggested I didn't want to download it. The software installed with no problems - it's version 0.13.9.

I plugged in the Crumble with the included USB lead, and got a happy chime as the device was recognised.

I tried a little program to make the onboard LEDs connected to the motor outputs work first. This worked without external power, and it was flashing away merrily in a very short time.

Connecting up the Sparkles from the kit meant that the external battery was needed, but after a bit of fiddling with crocodile clips I had the system wired together.

Here's my test program

The software is pretty easy to use - kind of like Scratch, but without the ability to duplicate sections of code. You can set each sparkle to show any colour you like with RGB sliders, the the lights are very bright. It would be great if you could control the brightness of the Sparkles to make them fade in an out, but you can't do that in the software yet.

I made a little video clip of the system in action.

Do-it-yourself party light with a Crumble and two Sparkles

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