2. Other Projects

Here are some other projects I'm working on...

Arduino, Shrimping-It and OrangePip projects.


  • Karate Game Mk2 Now I have a 3D printer, I thought I’d have a go at rebuilding the handheld karate game with a new smaller case. Case DesignI have designed the ...
    Posted 13 Dec 2017, 13:09 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Karate Handheld Game Complete A little while ago I partially completed the construction of my first serious Arduino project - to build a handheld electronic game like one I had when I was a kid ...
    Posted 10 Dec 2016, 05:10 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Nunchuck Labyrinth Game Project Now I know how to read data from the Wii Nunchuck, I thought I would try a (hopefully) simpler project that uses the X,Y control.I've already got ...
    Posted 30 Nov 2016, 02:27 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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Scratch is a simple programming platform that anyone can use to make their own programs
There are two versions: Scratch 2 is available online at http://scratch.mit.edu/
The older version, Scratch 1.4 is still available, and this is the version I use on my Raspberry Pi and in our CodeClub sessions.

  • Parking Barrier Simulation In my Year6 Computing Class, we are learning about programming physical systems. One of the examples we are following is a Parking Barrier.Here's a flow chart that shows ...
    Posted 27 Mar 2017, 01:27 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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The BBC micro:bit is simple to program and versatile for maker projects. Here's what I've been up to with mine...

Latest micro:bit blog

  • Rocket Fill and Launch Program Here's the code I have created for the micro:bit installed in my water rocket as a parachute release mechanism.This is the second version of the code I ...
    Posted 4 Jan 2017, 04:47 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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PICAXE Microcontrollers can be programmed to do all sorts of things. Here is my account of what I have been using them for...

Latest PICAXE blog

  • Nunchuck and Servo together for the first time Now I have got the PICXAE to recognise and react to the Wii Nunchuck, and also drive the servo separately, not it's time to do both at once.The ...
    Posted 24 Jan 2016, 00:59 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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Raspberry Pi
I bought a Raspberry Pi, hoping to learn some Linux and maybe a bit of programming. Here is the latest from my Raspberry Pi Projects


  • Hack Horsham Raspberry Jam December 2016 Thanks to the Hack Horsham team for organising the December 2016 Raspberry Jam event yesterday. This was my first Raspberry Jam as an exhibitor, and I was unsure about whether ...
    Posted 12 Dec 2016, 02:40 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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Crumble Controller

The Crumble is an easy-to-use programmable controller from Redfern Electronics
Crumble Controller
  • CrumbleBot from Mindsets On Friday the CrumbleBot chassis from Mindsets arrived.This chassis matches the Crumble Controller, and you simply bolt the Crumble down onto the chassis with some nuts and bolts provided ...
    Posted 9 Nov 2015, 12:57 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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