Welcome to my website dedicated to recording my water rockets and other projects.

Building and launching Water Rockets is loads of fun, developing all sorts of skills from being creative with junk to high-tech electronics. Most of the things I have learned originally came from hours of scouring different websites, some of which are now gone. I decided to start this website to document what I do, both for my own benefit, and for whoever manages to find me. I hope that you, dear reader, find this helpful - or at least interesting enough to inspire you to try building your own water rockets.

Find out what I've been up to recently on the Rocket Blog pages. For developments with the electronics systems see Avionics. Information about my own design of parachutes can be found on the Recovery Systems section, while information about launch systems is under Launcher Systems

You can also see what Other Projects I have been working on, including Raspberry Pi, Arduino and PICAXE

Water Rockets

Latest Rocket Blog

  • All the reports from what's been happening with my rockets recently.

  • Rocket demo at Ashdown Infants A return to Whitehill Infant school, which is now called Ashdown Primary School Infants, and a demonstration of water rockets to the two Year1 classes.A cool autumn morning, but ...
    Posted 19 Oct 2015, 02:55 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • How To Build A Rocket How To StartTo build a rocket you need to start with a plastic bottle. You need to choose one which contains a fizzy drink as these are designed to ...
    Posted 12 Mar 2015, 05:18 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Rocket Demo to Rotherfield Primary School I was invited to visit Rotherfield Primary School today to demonstrate water rockets to Foundation and KS1 classes as part of their Flight Week.Most of the kit has been ...
    Posted 13 Jun 2014, 00:15 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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  • Scratch

    Scratch is a simple programming platform that anyone can use to make their own programs.

    See the whole story

  • Pumpkin Invaders As it's that time of year, I thought I'd write about making a pumpkin themed game - Pumpkin Invaders!Lets start with drawing a pumpkin. This is really easy ...
    Posted 22 Oct 2015, 12:28 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Can I Tell You A Joke? One of the features of Scratch which I use very little is the Lists function. Hidden away under the orange   section, the   function allows you you create a list of ...
    Posted 2 Oct 2015, 12:44 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Roman Palisade Attack We like to make Scratch projects that link to topic work we do in school, and this term Year 5 are learning about the Romans. Their Computing task is to ...
    Posted 8 Oct 2015, 13:21 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Pop The Spider Here are some step by step instructions to get you started with making a game.Open Scratch and delete the cat sprite by right-clicking over it and selecting DELETE ...
    Posted 27 Jun 2014, 13:35 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Instructions for Scratch 1.4 Getting Started If you are just starting out with Scratch, a really good starting guide is the Scratch 1.4 Getting Started Guide. This gives a large-print step-by ...
    Posted 27 Jun 2014, 04:13 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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Other Projects

Arduino and Shrimp

  • The Shrimp and Arduino
    Arduino is simple to work with for prototyping microcontroller projects. I have used Uno and Micro.
    The Shrimp circuit is an Arduino Uno substitute with a component cost of around one tenth the price of official Arduino boards.
  • Karate Game Firmware Update I have done some updates to the Karate game firmware.First, the system has been updated to make the game get faster and faster. The line interval = interval - 50; // bit ...
    Posted 12 Mar 2016, 09:52 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Adafruit Mini 8x8 LED Matrix with I2C Backpack I was very pleased to receive one of these 8x8 LED matrix displays to play with.The unit I have is the mini 0.7inch matrix, purchased from Pimoroni.The ...
    Posted 6 Mar 2016, 08:27 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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PICAXE Projects

  • PICAXE Microcontrollers can be programmed to do all sorts of things. Here is my account of what I have been using them for...
  • Nunchuck and Servo together for the first time Now I have got the PICXAE to recognise and react to the Wii Nunchuck, and also drive the servo separately, not it's time to do both at once.The ...
    Posted 24 Jan 2016, 00:59 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Connecting the Servo Using the three useful holes in the proto board, I have now connected the servo.Looking at the servo wires, the yellow wire is connected to the power supply, the ...
    Posted 23 Jan 2016, 02:07 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Wii Nunchuck tilt detector Returning to the Wii Nunchuk tilt sensor, I have a Picaxe proto-board with an 08M chip, connected to the Wii nunchuck.Here is the code I am using;i2cslave ...
    Posted 19 Jan 2016, 07:06 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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Raspberry Pi Project Blog

  • Here is the latest from my Raspberry Pi Project
  • Python Snowflakes I've been teaching a unit of good old-fashioned Logo coding with Year 5 recently - starting with the Hour of Code Frozen tutorial, progressing to Scratch, and then finally ...
    Posted 30 Nov 2015, 13:04 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • FUZE kit I was lucky enough to win a Raspberry Pi FUZE kit in a competition at the BETT exhibition this year. It was delivered to me at school, and my Code ...
    Posted 14 Feb 2015, 06:25 by Andy Lakin-Hall
  • Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi Looking for a good project to try out, I came across this - Running Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi. To get started, I first set up a new version of Raspbian ...
    Posted 25 Jan 2014, 13:44 by Andy Lakin-Hall
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