Patient Testimonies

Patient testimony 1.

I have known Liz for many years; she began by treating me with Reflexology. I was in a lot of pain and discomfort before Liz began working on my feet. My feet have never felt so good!

Recently Liz has been treating me for knee pain. She recommended having Acupuncture. It worked really well and my knees feel great.

I would highly recommend Liz to anyone.


Patient testimony 2.

I am a local fisherman and have had lower back pain for several years. After only one Acupuncture treatment my back felt so much better, I was more flexible and in a lot less pain. I have regular treatments from Liz and recommended her therapies to my wife. We both now see Liz every week.


Patient testimony 3.

I have had massage therapies in the past and found them a big help. My therapist moved away and so when I heard about Liz I began having regular treatments from her. I have seen really good results with pain relief and water retention in my legs. Liz comes to my house every week and I will continue to have Liz treat me regularly.


Patient testimony 4.

My Doctor suggested that I had regular massage treatments for my back. I am 92 years old and suffer from a lot of pain. I struggle with mobility and I can't get onto a treatment couch so Liz treats me sitting up on a stool leaning forward onto her couch for support. I have several days of pain relief and enjoy the treatments.


Patient testimony 5.

Liz began by treating me with Acupuncture for lower back pain. I thought I would be unable to work this season as my job means I have to stand for long periods of time. My back is much improved and I have been able to return to work as normal.


Patient testimony 6.

Liz treats me for weight loss with Acupuncture and Auricular tacks on my ears. I have lost weigh more quickly than in the past and feel really well. My energy is up and I feel and look really well.