Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance payments through Blue Cross and most other major insurance companies are available for Massage & Acupuncture treatments.

Direct billing where policy allows.  Please check your policy for details.

Most policies cover both Acupuncture and Massage with separate limits so you could choose to have one, the other or both, though you must talk with your therapist to seek the most appropriate treatment.

Though it is your responsibility to check you policy for coverage, if you are unsure,  please bring your policy number into the clinic and we will be happy to help you.  Our experienced staff usually know what is covered in each policy and if not a quick phone call to your insurance provider is usually all it takes to find your coverage levels.

Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Insurance Work.
The clinic is also happy to deal with any insurance paperwork resulting from accidents or Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision accidents.  However please be aware that there is always a lot of paperwork involved and sometimes treatments cannot proceed until authorization has been given by a particular lawyer or insurance company.  A fee of $95(taxes included) per hour applies for administration.  Depending on the claim this  is paid for by the  insurance company, the lawyer or by the client.