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Welcome to Little River Holistic Therapies.

Winner of the CBDC Business of Excellence Award 2015.

“Incorporating traditional principles with scientific concepts for well-being”

With a wealth of knowledge and many years of combined practical experience from our practitioners, a multi disciplinary approach to treating many conditions is available at Little River Holistic Therapies. There are a number of specialists, each with their own professional expertise, so that with confidence you can receive the treatment you need, not just the treatment that is available.  Every treatment is specific to each patient and discussed in a private and confidential manner.

Holistic therapies complement orthodox medicine but also have a role to play where more traditional treatments are not able to treat the root cause of an ailment.

Many of the traditional principles used date back thousands of years with roots in India, Egypt, China and other ancient cultures.

Increasingly more scientific and evidence based studies are being carried out providing support for the effectiveness of holistic care.

Our clinic offers a calm and peaceful environment in which you can recuperate and relax.  It is a modern building which is tastefully and professionally decorated to make you feel at ease.  Many customers comment on how beautiful the clinic looks. Please look at the photo gallery and the virtual tour video to get a feel for the clinic before you arrive.

The clinic is completely wheelchair and disability friendly.  There are no steps whatsoever in the building and all the doors are nice and wide allowing complete access for wheelchair users.  One of the therapy couches is completely electronic/hydraulic allowing seamless movement from wheelchair or standing to lying down.  If you have any concerns about mobility please contact the clinic and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you. 

  Treatments available to patients include: 

Acupuncture,                            Cosmetic Acupuncture,                            Acupressure,                             Reflexology,

Therapeutic Massage,             Relaxation Massage,             Indian Head Massage,             Aromatherapy Massage,

Counselling,                                                                              Hearing Tests.

Holistic Therapies do not attempt to diagnose or cure. They do not intend to replace existing medical treatment but complement it. Consultations take place before treatments. Full medical information is taken, treatments and procedures are discussed. Practitioners cannot be held responsible for information which is not given during a consultation and which might have a detrimental effect on the patient or the treatment.