Coloring Books

Feasts of the Orthodox Church

32 pages, 8"x10.5", staple-bound.

Feasts of the Orthodox Church is an educational coloring book. Children learn about the yearly cycle of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church and are introduced to traditional pious customs related to each Feast.

Rule-lines for composition are provided on the pages.

Learn About Vestments

28 pages, 8"x10.5", staple-bound.

Learn About Vestments is an educational coloring book featuring vestment designs based on real Russian Orthodox vestments of past centuries.

Children will have the opportunity to trace, color, complete symmetrical figures, and create their own designs.

My Apple Tree Book

32 pages, 8"x10.5", staple-bound.

My Apple Tree Book is a composition book for beginning creative writing.

The first pages of the book include guidelines for printing letters and words. The rest of the book is devoted to beginning creative writing. Each illustration provides a theme for composition, with suggested words for the child to use.