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(Preschool and Childcare)
"Where children come to laugh out loud while learning through play!"

Licensed through The State of Michigan and a 5 STAR Rated Early Learning Program through Great Start to Quality. Little Ones Learning provides the Highest Quality of Early Childhood Education!


Little Ones Learning aspires to create a nurturing and educational environment that encourages the development of each individual child. We allow children to explore and learn at their own pace. Children are provided open ended materials and experiences where they are given the opportunity to build on their current knowledge of the world and how things work. Little Ones Learning knows children are naturally curious. We blend qualities from several theorists in early childhood that help children learn the best way they can. Children learn best with concrete experiences. Therefore, children are given many hands on experiences that are developmentally appropriate. Children are provided developmentally age appropriate activities through art, music/movement, science, math, language/literacy, fine and gross motor, social/emotional development, and self-help skills. Children are encouraged to make positive choices. We know young children are learning so we know mistakes will be made. We reinforce positive behavior through redirection, positive language, and natural consequences. 


Why High Quality Matters

What is High Quality?

High quality programs and providers:

  • Have staff who continuously take training's and are educated in child development or early childhood.
  • Provide a safe, healthy environment for the children to learn and explore.
  • Build relationships with children and families.
  • Have strong family involvement in their program.
  • Give children a wide variety of hands-on learning opportunities and learning materials.
  • Keep track of children's growth and development to help them learn and reach developmental milestones.
  • Keep staffing consistent and have lower adult to child ratios.

Why Does High Quality Matter?

When children are in a high-quality program in their first five years, they are given a safe place to learn, explore their world and build relationships. By being in this type of environment, the foundation is set for them to be successful in school, work and life.

The benefits of high-quality child care can be seen in many different areas. High-quality child care helps children be more successful in school, and has shown improved health and increased earning outcomes over children's lifetimes.  Having improved student success, improved health and earning outcomes shows the returns and importance of investing in early childhood. When we invest in high-quality early childhood programs, it helps make sure that we are providing the best opportunities for children to grow and learn.

Great Start to Quality

 Licensed Preschool and Childcare through the State of Michigan
5 STAR Rated through Great Start to Quality
Educated in Child Development 

Founded July 2015
Trisha Dart