Wings of Peace


I am using the wonderful artwork of Marjolein Gulinski. To use her art you must purchase a license at MPT HERE. The scrap kit I am using is a fabulous freebie called It's a Blue Thing and it is made by Blackwings Scraps. You can pick this kit up HERE. The mask is by WeeScottLass and you can find it HERE. Blue flowers are by Rainbow Coffi. If you would like to see more of her work you can find it HERE at PSP-Playground. My supplies HERE.

Plug In used: Xenofex 2 Constellation

Open a new image 600x600 and floodfill it with white. Copy and paste paper 2 as a new layer. Apply WSL_Mask60 to the paper. Layers-load/save mask-load mask from disc. Merge the group.

Resize frame 4 86% and copy and paste as a new layer. Click inside the frame with your magic wand tool. Selection-modify- expand by 4. Copy and paste paper 2 over your selection. Selections-invert-hit delete on the keyboard. Move the paper under the frame.

Copy and paste the main tube. The lovely tube I used came with the leaves and rose she is sitting on and also the doves I used were part of the tube. There are some nice doves available though by Rainbow Coffi at PSP-Playground under the animals section of her tubes if you are using a different main tube than I am and also many florals that would work well with another tube. (see above for link)

Resize the tissue paper01 from the kit 60% and place at the bottom of the frame. duplicate it and mirror. See my tag for reference.

Resize the forget me not floral cluster by Rainbow Coffi that is in my supplies 50% and copy and paste it as a new layer. Place it on the lower left of the frame. Duplicate and mirror, duplicate and flip, duplicate and mirror. You should now have one on each corner of the frame.

Resize the heart chain in the kit 50% and copy and paste it as a new layer over the paper in your frame. Arrange it so it shows between the tube and flowers. Erase any extra at the top. Adjust-sharpen the heart chain but do not drop shadow it.

Resize the bow 50% and copy and paste it as a new layer. Place at the top of the frame. Add the gemstone to the center of the bow if desired. See my tag for reference. Sharpen the gem.

Drop shadow the elements of the tube except for the heart chain (if you are planning to animate)

Crop and resize your tag. Add the copyright info, your watermark and your name. I used a font named Silken Book.

Animation: the heart chains

Xenofex 2 Constellation

Activate the heart chain layer. Take your freehand selection tool set at freehand (lasso) and roughly circle just the chain part of each strand of the heart chains element. Hold down the shift key while doing it. When you have all of the visible chains roughly circled, apply Xenofex 2 Constellation with the following settings:



Select none. Copy the tag merged into animation shop and paste it as a new animation. Back to PSP and undo the select none and the constellation. Apply it again with the same settings but change the random seed. Select none. Copy the tag merged into animation shop and paste after current frame. Do this process one more time so you have a total of 3 frames to your animation.

Run the animation and save the tag as a gif!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!