Step Into Summer

I am using the gorgeous artwork of Joerg Warda. If you use his art you must purchase a license at MPT HERE. The scrap kit I used is a fabulous freebie by Shadelia Designs called Wilderness. You can pick it up HERE. Photograph is by Jackie. You can see more of her lovely photography HERE. The mask I used is by Becky #022 and is in my supplies because her site is no longer available. HERE.

Plug in used: mura meister clouds (optional)

Let's get started!

Open a new image 700X700 and floodfill with white.

Resize the aqua frame (21) 24% and rotate it clockwise 90. Copy and paste the frame as a new layer. Rotate the frame 10 left. Click inside it with your magic wand. Selections-modify-expand by 8. Copy and paste paper 11 over the selection. Selections-invert-hit delete on the keyboard. Bring the paper under the frame.

Resize the green frame 22% and rotate it clockwise. Copy and paste it as a new layer. Click inside with your magic wand. Expand by 8, and copy and paste the photgraph over the selections. Invert and delete. Bring the photo under the frame.

Activate the white background layer. Resize a paper of choice and copy and paste it as a new layer. Apply Becky_Mask022 to the paper layer. Layers-load/save mask-load mask from disc. Merge the group.

Resize the leaf circle element 40% and place under your frames at the lower left. Duplicate, mirror and flip.

Mirror the green ribbon circle and resize it 10%. Copy and paste as a new layer. Place at the left top under your frames. Resize the blue ribbon 15% and copy and paste it as a new layer. Place on the right side of the frame. See my tag for reference.

Copy and paste any other foliage elements of choice from the kit. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Drop shadow all pieces of your tag. Crop and resize your tag. Add your copyright info, your watermark and your name. The font I used is InspirationROB.

Animation: clouds

Take your freehand selection tool ( Lasso) and draw a selection around the sky part of the photo. See below:




Apply mura meisters cloud with the following settings:



Selections-select none.

Copy the tag merged into animation shop and paste as a new animation.

Back to PSP. Undo select none, and clouds. Apply clouds again, but this time move the 'effect' slider bar up to 36. Select none. Copy the tag merged into animation shop and paste after current frame. Do this process 2 more times, each time moving up the effect 1 notch.

You now have 4 frames in your animation.

Edit select all. Change the frame properties to 170 or a speed of your choice.

Run the animation and save the tag as a gif!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!