Spring Takes Flight


I am using the cute artwork of Suzanne Woolcott under a purchased license from Artistic Minds, Inc. Suzanne is no longer with AMI, but you can purchase her art at Gorjussart HERE. The scrapkit I am using is a fabulous freebie by Bel Vidotti called Easter Parade Taggers Kit. You can pick up this kit HERE. The mask I am using is WH-Mask3 by WitchysHeart and you can find it HERE. Template is by me and is in my supplies HERE.

Let's get started!

Open my template in PSP and expand the canvas to something you are comfortable working with. We can resize later. Floodfill the transparent background with white. Click inside the frame with your magic wand tool and copy and paste paper8 after resizing as a new layer over your selection. Selections-invert-hit delete on the keyboard.

Activate the white background and copy and paste the same paper as a new layer. Apply WH-Mask3 to the paper layer. Layers-load/save mask-load mask from disk. Merge the group.

Resize the hill and tree element 70% and copy and paste as a new layer over the paper layer. Erase what is below the frame. See my tag. Duplicate the hill and tree element and mirror. Resize the duplicate 80% and erase any below the frame also.

Resize the house 40% and copy and paste as a new layer. Place it on the larger hill. Resize the tree 40% also and place between the two hills and under the house. Resize the fence 30% and place between the two hills also. Use your raster deform tool to stretch the fence to the edge of the frame to give it the distance perspective. Resize the sun, some grass, and any other elements of choice and copy and paste them as new layers.

Resize the ivy element 70% and copy and paste as a new layer. Rotate it and place across the top of the tag at the left. Duplicate and mirror the ivy. Place a flower of choice in the center of the ivy.

Resize the hot air balloon with no word art 25% and copy and paste it as a new layer. Add some word art to the yellow banner if desired. ( I forgot until after animation :( ...lol) so there is none on my tag. Place the balloon close to the houses roof if animating like my tag. Add a tube to the balloon basket, or you could use one of the rabbits supplied in the kit. Erase as needed to give the appearance of being in the basket. When happy with how it looks, merge the word art on the balloon, the tube in the balloon and the balloon together.

Add your main tube to the tag and place it on the left side. Give her one of the balloons to hold if desired. Give all pieces of the tag a small drop shadow. I used 1/1/40/4.

Crop and resize the tag now to your preferences. Add your copyright info, watermark and your name. The font I used is called Cheri and is a FTU font.

Animation: the hot air balloon

Copy your tag merged into animation shop and paste it as a new animation.

Go back to PSP and duplicate the balloon layer. Move the top balloon to the left and up just a tiny bit. See my screen shot below.


Now X out of the bottom balloon layer and copy and paste the tag into animation shop and paste after current frame. Go back to PSP and duplicate the new balloon layer. On the top one move it a bit again, using the bottom balloon as reference. Remember to X out of the bottom balloon layer each time before copying merged into animation shop. Keep doing this process until you have a circular pattern. When you feel you are done, open up the original balloon layer and copy it merged into animation shop and paste it after current frame. This will be the last frame in your animation. I ended up with 10 frames in my animation. I ran my animation after each new frame added to make sure I was getting an even animation. If I wasn't I went back and moved the balloon a little so it would look better.

When happy with the animation. Edit-select all frames and change the frame properties to 40.

Save your tag as a gif!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!