So Sweet to Eat

I am using the fabulous art of Elias Chatzoudis. To use his art you must purchase a license at MPT HERE. The frame I used is a sweet freebie by Just Artistic Dreams Designs. You can pick up the frame HERE. The mask I used is by Wee Scot Lass (#81) and can be found HERE. Template is by me and can be found in my supplies along with the word fill by me and the ice cream drip. HERE.

Let's get started!

Open my template in PSP and delete the copyright layer. Floodfill the background with white. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with a color from your tube. Apply WSL-Mask81 to this layer. Layers-load/save mask-load mask from disc. Merge the group. Click inside the large rectangle with your magic wand. Make a gradient with two colors from your tube by choosing a light pink from the tube for your background/fill and a bit darker one for your foreground/stroke. Then click on the foreground stroke color and choose the gradient tab. Find the gradient named foreground/background. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with the gradient you just made. Copy and paste my word art fill over your selection. Selections-invert-hit delete on the keyboard.

Click inside the rectangle in the center of the large one. Make another gradient as before using two shades of blue. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with the gradient. Now add a weave pattern to the blue rectangle using the settings below: Effects-texture effects-weave.


Add a drop shadow to the white frames of the template. I use 2/2/50/5. Delete the template layers after you are done filling them.

Do the same with the vertical side rectangle adding the same weave pattern.

Click inside the top frame with your magic wand tool Selections-modify-expand by 6. Add a new raster layer and floodfill it with the blue gradient you just used. Copy and paste my word fill over the selection. Selections-invert-delete. Select none. Click inside it once again and expand by 6. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer over the selection. Arrange her face in the frame. Selections-invert-delete. Change the blend mode of the tube to luminance legacy. Now do the same process with the other two frames. I used the pink gradient for the middle one and also for the heart. I added a small blinds effect to the heart. Effects-texture effect-blinds


Click inside each of the letters of the word art on the template with your magic wand while holding down the shift key. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with the blue gradient. Add the same blinds effect you did to the heart but change the color to a blue shade.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. See my tag for reference. Add a drop shadow to any remaining pieces of the tag. Crop and resize your tag. Add the copyright info, your watermark and your name. The font I used is called FFX Buster.

Animation: optional The drip of the ice cream if using the same tube as I am.

Open my drip in my supples in PSP.

Copy and paste the drip as a new layer. Move it so it is on top of the drip that is already on the tube. Copy the tag merged into animation shop and paste it as a new animation. Back to PSP.

Now move the drip down a bit in a straight line from where you had it first. Copy the tag merged into animation shop and paste it after current frame. Back to PSP and move it down a bit more. almost to her breasts. Stay in a straight line. Copy merged again and paste. Edit-Select all Change the frame properties to 50. Run your animation and save the tag as a gif!

I hope you enjoyed my tut.