Sand n' Sea


I am using the fabulous art of Ted Hammond. To use his art you must purchase a license at CILM HERE. The kit I used is a wonderful freebie by Verascraps called "Summer" You can pick it up HERE. The word art circle is also by Verascraps and you can download it at her site also. The masks I used are one by Becky (in my supplies) and one by Weescottlass (#83). You can find it HERE. My supplies are HERE.

Plugin used: Mura's Meister Cloud and eyecandy 4000 for the gradient glow around the text.

Let's get started!

Open a new image 700x700 and floodfill it with white. Resize the striped life ring 30% and copy and paste it as a new layer. Click inside the life ring with your magic wand. Selections-modify-expand by 6. Add a new raster layer and floodfill it with a light blue color. Selections-invert-hit delete on the keyboard. Bring this blue circle under the life ring. Do not deselect. Apply Mura Meister's Cloud to the blue circle with the following settings:


Resize the water element (voda3) 80% and copy and paste over the selection. Hit delete on the keyboard and posistion the water at the bottom of the frame. Select none. See my tag for reference.

Activate the white background layer. Resize the sand element 20 percent and copy and paste it as a new layer. Move towards the bottom of your tag. Apply WSL_Mask083 to the sand element. Layers-load/save mask/load mask from disk. Merge the group

Resize the blue paper2 15% and copy and paste it as a new layer. Apply Becky_Mask023 to the paper layer same as above. Merge the group and duplicate the mask. Merge both copies together. Move the masks into a posistion you the sand is showing at the bottom and the blue mask is at the top.

Resize the summer lyrics word art 40% and copy and paste it as a new layer around the life ring.

Resize the gulls 5% and copy and paste them onto the blue sky. Resize the ships wheel 10% and copy and paste it as a new layer. Place on the left side of the frame. Resize the lighthouse 10% and copy and paste as a new layer. Place on the right side of the frame. Resize the ship 5% and paste it so it's behind the water element.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Resize and add any greenery and flowers you like to the tag. See mine for reference. Place on each side of the frame. Resize the message in the bottle 5% and place in front of your tube. Add a few shells and the starfish and the bow. Add a gradient glow to the circle text if desired. Add a drop shadow to all pieces of the tag except the water.

Crop and resize your tag. Add your copyright info, your watermark and your name. The font I used is called Luxury RoyaleJF.

Animation: the water and the lighthouse beacon

Activate the water layer. Go to effects-distortion effects-ripple and apply with the following settings:



Copy your tag merged into animation shop and paste it as a new animation. Back to PSP and undo the ripple you just did. Apply it again, but this time change the wavelength to 52. Copy the tag merged into animation shop and paste it after current frame. Do this process 3 more times, each time changing the wavelength up two digits. You should have 5 frames in animation shop.

Edit-select all and change the frame properties to 20. Check your animation to see if you are happy with it.

Open the lighthouse beacon in my supplies. Edit-select all. Edit-copy. Activate the tag. Edit-select all. Edit-paste into selected frame. Place the lighthouse beacon on the lighthouse light..(well duh!

Run the animations and save the tag as a gif!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!