Zoe Elizabeth Loftesness

I made it! 

Basic Info on Zoe: 

  • Who: Penny and Dave's baby
  • When: March 1st, 2006
  • Where: Born at home, in her future bedroom, in a big tub of water
  • How much?  8 lbs, 1 oz 


What's up with Zoe?

Happy Birthday!

Wow, a whole year old!  It's hard to believe it's here already.  It's equally hard to remember what life was like before Zoe came along.  This year has been a time warp.

Many thanks to all our friends and family for keeping us fed and entertained this past year (and giving us a sanity break when we really needed it).  We'd surely have 50% more gray hair by now without you.

We've put a bunch of Zoe birthday photos up on Flickr just now.  I guess she's technically not a toddler yet, but she sure looks like one all of a sudden!  How did that happen?

Random updates for those who can't see Zoe's gloriousness in person:

  • Talking: "Hi!", "bye", "daddy", "no" (and "no no no no no..."), "kitty cat" (pronounced "tee tee tat")
  • Walking: almost!  She's been cruising for a few weeks and can walk with one hand holding onto furniture or a person.
  • Stairs: she's been going up for almost a month, and down for a couple weeks.
  • Hair: getting really long.  Check out the photos.  I think bangs are in her very near future.
  • Friends: Zoe's a real bully.  On her birthday, she scratched her friend Stella's eye with her manic razor-sharp claws.  I fear for the other children.
  • Sleeping:  Next topic.
  • Eating (a brief haiku):  What doesn't she eat?  Our brave little omnivore.  Wow, she loves tofu!
  • Parents: keeping it together.


I just love the way this photo turned out:

Kaleidoscopes rule.  Click over to Flickr for a better view -- you can just make out Zoe's fingers.

Fall update

Yep, that's how busy we've been lately -- we're switching to seasonal updates instead of week-by-week.

I think it all started with the family cold I mentioned a while back.  That thing seemed to drag on for weeks and weeks.  Then we had to un-bury ourselves from the backlog at work.  By the time we took a breath, Zoe had a full head of hair, two more teeth (on top this time), was eating solid food, and sharted crawling.  Wow, she's practically a... hmm... what is she exactly?  She's not really an infant anymore, but she can't be a toddler yet since she's not actually toddling.  Um, is she a tot?  Anyway, she's moving and grooving all of a sudden.  Let the babyproofing begin!

For those of you following along on Flickr, that random guy who appears in a lot of recent photos is our buddy Paul from Nashville who came for a visit a couple weeks ago.  He's a heckuva guy who somehow knows how to get 8th-row tickets to a Rolling Stones concert.  So Dave had to go along to keep him company.  We took a ride on the Sausalito Ferry which is where most of the photos come from.

In other Zoe news, we finally brought home her first real crib this weekend.  We put it off as long as we could, but she was waking herself up by rolling over in her co-sleeper and bonking her head on the side.  Since our main criteria for purchase was ease of entry and difficulty of escape, it's hard not to think of it as baby jail.  But so far she seems to dig it. Now we just need to figure out how to get her to sleep through the night in it...

New photos, Seattle trip

A couple quick notes:

1) The latest photos on Flickr feature one of Zoe's "graduating class", Stella.  Stella's parents were in the same birthing class as us, and we've stayed in touch ever since.  The pictures are from a recent visit where we walked to breakfast and Joel showed Dave how to hold a 6-month old on his shoulders.  Zoe really enjoyed grabbing Stella by the ears and trying to suck on her cheek.  I'm afraid we might have a little bully on our hands!

2) We're heading up to Seattle on Thursday for our friend MikeT's wedding.  It's our first time flying with Zoe, and we're a little trepidatious.  Hopefully things will go smoothly, because we plan to log a lot of miles with this little girl over the years!

September update: Hands, Germs and Teeth

Gosh, we're really slacking off on the littlelofty updates again, aren't we?  Pretty soon you're all just going to bookmark that Flickr page and stop even bothering to come here.  Guess we better get our act together!

Zoe keeps growing and changing, as you'd expect.  Lately she's discovered the ability to manipulate her environment, specifically with her hands.  It all started with the previously-mentioned road trip to Santa Barbara.  At one fine dining establishment (ahem, McD's), Zoe decided it would be fun to slap the edge of daddy's salad plate, thus creating scattered showers of bleu cheese dressing.  Lately she's been thinking "Shouldn't those shiny things on daddy's face really be on the floor?  On the floor where they belong?"  And she's finally realized the power that is unleashed by the opposable thumb.  So evolved she is.  Unfortunately, along with this newfound power comes frustration when the power is taken away.  Waah, daddy won't let me poke myself in the eye with this shiny object, waah!  Such are the burdens of a 6-month old.

Speaking of which, hey!  She's 6 months old!

We consider ourselves lucky to have made it 6 months without enduring a fever or other serious illness for Zoe.  But this past week we have been struggling through our first family cold.  First Zoe had the sniffles, then daddy was out of commission for 24 hours with aches and sore throat, then mommy got hit with it.  Pen had it worst, having to take care of Zoe and me on a holiday with no Clara around to help out.  Next time we're calling in some familial reinforcements.  Personally, I blame the kid that Zoe was playing with at the A9 company picnic.  Well, "playing" isn't quite right.  Grabbing at each others' heads and attempting to drool on each other is more like it.  Don't cross the streams.

Most recently, after weeks of anticipation, Zoe finally has a tooth poking through.  She's been sucking on our fingers for most of her life, but now it kinda hurts!  So far she's not complaining too much about it, which is great. We're trying to get a picture of it to share with you, Adoring Fans, but no luck so far.  Keep refreshing those Flickr bookmarks.

Speaking of which, Penny and I have really been enjoying this amazing Flickr background switcher.  After installing it (Windows only), you can set it up to pull pictures from Flickr, and can specify search terms or (gasp) a specific user and a specific tag!  Like "dloftesness" and "zoe", for example!  We've been using it not only to view Zoe pictures but also to pull pictures of our favorite places in Japan using the search feature.  Very cool.

Speaking of faraway places, we'll be taking our first plane flight with Zoe soon, to Seattle for our friend MikeT's wedding.  We're hoping she's still young enough that she won't be frustrated by the lack of mobility and will be able to nurse to fix the inevitable ear distress.  Wish us luck!

Updates: Nanny, Sitting Up, Road Trip

Boy, it's been way too long!  We've been very busy now that we're working most days.  Luckily, we hired a fantastic Nanny, Clara.  She's been great with Zoe, and very understanding when we call three times a day to check in!  It was quite an adjustment at first, but we're really starting to settle into the new pattern.  We're taking the train a lot more often, which is good for our schedule and for the smoggy air.

Zoe's latest tricks:  rolling over, and occasionally rolling back, eating her toes, and most recently, sitting up!  It'll be a while before she can sit up on her own without capsizing, but she's definitely on the way there.

Santa Barbara Road Trip: we took our first road trip with Zoe, down to Santa Barbara for Penny's 20th high school reunion.  Lots of photos on Flickr, featuring Monika, Louise, Michelle and Stacey (I'm tired of making links, so you'll just have to find them yourself... :).  A fun highlight was our visit to La Super Rica where Zoe acquired more adoring fans while we stuffed our faces.  One woman was insistent that we sign her up with an agent in L.A.  "She could pay for college with those eyes!"

Flickrizing, Take Two

Well, that was a close call.  If you visited the site in the past 24 hours, you might have seen a nifty Flickr badge in the left hand column.  Unfortunately, adding that to the page made the Page Creator tools very unhappy such that we could no longer edit this page!

So, I'm going to try a different tack and place the badge on another page, the Latest Photos page.  Worst case, if that page breaks, I'll just delete it and make another (Google doesn't let you change or delete your home page, which is why adding the badge to this page was so dangerous!).  Anyway, hopefully this will work better!

(Update:  Apparently the Latest Photos page isn't rendering correctly for some versions of Firefox on Windows, so here's a direct link to Zoe's Photos on Flickr.  Might be easier anyway.)

Flickrizing LittleLofty

I've complained before about the clunky process for uploading photos to Google Page Creator.  Well, hopefully we have a new solution, courtesy of a Flickr Pro account upgrade from Grandad Scott (thanks!).  Instead of uploading pictures here, I'll be loading them on Flickr and adding a badge to the left column (over there <<<----) that will show that latest ones and allow you to click through to Flickr to see the rest.  The nice thing about having them on Flickr is that we can keep them updated more easily since there is good integration with iPhoto, we can put a lot more of them online since the Pro account allows 2Gb/month, and Zoe's fans can add comments to her photos.  Oh, and I don't have to keep creating these month by month photo pages, adding links to the new one to all the old pages, etc.  Google really needs to add some site navigation tools to this Page Creator thing.

Anyway, let me know if you run into any problems or have suggestions on how to make this work better for you!

Renounce Satan! 

Just in time for 6/6/06, Zoe was baptized this weekend (48 hours to spare!).  Callista was in full pink God-mother regalia, and Zoe's fashion was very 19th century.  More pics on the June photo page

More May Pics

Just uploaded some new ones from the birth class reunion and the return trip to Filoli.  Check em out.

Filoli, pt 1

Some notes and pictures from our first of two trips to Filoli are on the May Photos Page

Happy Anniversary, Great Grandparents!

Zoe's great-grandparents, Carl and Elizabeth, were married 60 years ago today.  That's a pretty amazing thing, appropriate for such amazing people.  We're looking forward to a big celebration this weekend!  

Hands and Feet

Someone reminded me that I never posted a picture of the hands and feet clay thingy that we made at  Terra Mia back in late March.  Here 'tis, adorning our bedroom wall.

Prenatal Group Reunion

We had a get-together today with our prenatal group -- 3 other couples who were also working with our midwives.  It was great to meet the other babies (all except Noah who was home with a fever, poor kid!) and hear all the birth stories.  Photos on the May Photos page (yes, I'm switching to month-based photo organizing... the weeks fly by too fast!). 

New Stats

At the lastest visit to the doctor we found out that Zoe is 12 lbs, 6 oz, and 24 3/4 inches long.  She's still a bruiser -- 90th percentile for weight and "off the charts" in length!  It's no wonder that her feet are all scrunched up in all her 3-month outfits now.  I can't believe we already have hand-me-downs...

Visit from Julie

Cousin/Auntie Julie flew out from NYC to visit with Zoe last weekend!  More pictures on the Week 6+ Photo Page

New Photo Page

Finally got a new batch of photos uploaded... Grandma's birthday dinner, shopping in SF, and a visit from Bruce and Claudia.

Day One

Our friends Kent and Linda bought us a membership to Day One Center, which has turned out to be a great resource.  They have parenting classes, books and videos to check out, and a big store with everything a new parent might need.  And in a fun coincidence it turns out that one of our midwives, Ami Burnham, works there.  We've gone to two new-parent classes so far and they've been great.  They also have changing tables and scales (very handy) -- Zoe is now up to 11 lbs, 12 oz!  (as of 4/18/06)

What is that glowing orb?  It burns!

The sun has finally returned and we're getting out of the house more.  Here's a picture from the top of Mt. Davidson, a short walk from our house.

The 6-week crankies

Well, right on schedule Zoe started giving us a few hours a day of serious crankiness.  Suddenly happy baby turns into screaming baby and it's all we can do to calm her down for a few minutes until the next outburst.  Usually it's in the evening, but sometimes it's the morning and sometimes both.  We're going through the usual what-are-we-doing-wrong game that parents play... Is Penny eating the wrong things?   Did we tire Zoe out with too many activities?  Are we not giving her enough of a daily routine?  Then we calm down and remember what the doctor and midwives told us -- this is all normal, part of their digestive tract development.  It's just hard to remember that when she's yelling at the top of her tiny-but-powerful lungs!


Did you know?

There is a street in San Francisco named Zoe St.  Here is an A9 map with a picture where you can barely make out the "Zoe" in the street sign.  Parker gave Zoe a cool gift last week -- a box with a picture of the Zoe street sign on it.  Here's a picture:


One month old!

We're a little late with this update, but wanted to post some pictures of our visit with Jeremy and Ali, who brought us tasty food from The Slanted Door on Zoe's 1-month birthday.

 More updates later this weekend... we've been too busy with our overdue construction project lately.  The tile guys finally finished yesterday, now we just have plumbing trim, electrical, countertop, molding and painting left... bleah! 

Dr. visit, MOMA

On Thursday, we had a big day out!  First, to the doctor for Zoe's 4-week well baby visit.  She's now 9 lbs, 11 oz, and 23.25 inches long!  That puts her at 75th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for length.  Sounds like a future power forward for the WNBA!

Next we headed over to MOMA to check out the Calder exhibit and the 1906 earthquake photos.  Zoe was very good and slept almost the whole time.  The few moments she was awake Dave tried to entertain her with some high-contrast Calder mobiles.  Here's a photo of Penny and Zoe in front of the big painting in the entrance.

4 weeks old!

What was I just saying about the days flying by?  Some notable Zoe-events from the past few days. 

Baby's first bath! 

A visit from Devin

Hand and foot prints at Terra Mia

A few more photos on the Week 3+ photo page 

Week 3

Where does the time go?  We're most of the way through week 3 already.  Dave has been slacking off on the photos a bit lately as we've been busy figuring out how to leave the house with a baby.  Three days in a row we left the house, traveling to Glen Park, Berkeley, and Montara.  Whew!  We're ready to hang out at home for a few days.

Some new photos are on the Week 3+ page.

Week 2 photos

Just created a Week 2 photo page.

Happy 1st Week

Zoe turned 1 week old yesterday.  We commemorated with, what else, a bunch of photos!  Here's our favorite:

 We said goodbye today to our friend Louise who stayed with us for almost the entire first week to help with cooking, cleaning, and whatever else needed doing.  We're so grateful to her for all her help!

March 6th, 2006

Wow, we're coming up on the first week of Zoe.  It's already hard to remember what life was like before.  This morning, Dave put jeans on for the first time since the birthday  today and actually ran an errand.  It was so weird to be out in the world again.

Our midwives Nancy and Chanti came by today for our third postpartum visit and Zoe is doing fabulously well.  She and Penny seem to have the nursing thing down because she's gained weight!  After bottoming out at 7lbs 8oz, she's back up to 7 lbs 15 oz.  And the little bits of baby rash and jaundice she had are fading fast.

So far this googlepages thing is working well except for the photo interface which is a little cumbersome.  So the latest big batch of photos is over at Yahoo, which may be more convenient for those folks who want to order prints anyway.  But a few of the choicest are on the Photos page. 

March 3rd, 2006

Well, we finally got ourselves together enough to get some Photos posted.  Thanks to everyone for your patience! 

March 1st, 2006

Zoe was born today at 3:18pm.  What an amazing day!  We'll write more later, but here are the vitals: 8 lbs, 1 oz, 21 and 1/4 in, and perfectly healthy.  Labor was 12 hours start to finish, but only 3 or 4 hours of the serious stuff.  Mom is doing great!