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2. Casita (Standard RV Door Windows)

Here is a sample of our custom RV door windows.  These windows will fit in most standard sized RV doors.  They are 
sized at 12 1/2" by 21 1/2".  They are a beautiful addition to any RV front door.  Please see page 2a for more standard sized RV windows! 

Arrow Mountain hiking trails.  A favorite hiking place of Brian and Erika's; Texas.

The Alamo/San Jacinto panel was made for Don and his wife who live in Texas.  His vision of a special window included local attractions from his favorites.
 The panel on the right was created from a personal photo taken by Leehman of the 'Big Sable' lighthouse located in Michigan. 

This panel was envisioned by Susan who hiked the complete Appalachian Trail.  She wished to include a sunrise or sunset in her panel.  As I was constructing this panel a simple phrase continuously was repeated in my mind.  "A sunrise brings promise of a new day; a forest trail gives us the peace and courage to face that day."

 Humpty Dumpty (based on a design from 'Artistic Glass Patterns') has found a home in Colorado with Jane & Keith. 
 Cabin & Tipi Montana                                                         
  Roses for a trailer named Rosie in California.
 I call this window 'Phumpty with his monocle'.  Phumpty was made for Don and Jeanne in California.
Mandolin/Guitar/Harp for Rich & Deb in Portland.
Dave and Kathy, the canoe couple from California.
Gail's Texas Star
Made for a couple who are in Florida and looking forward to retirement in Texas! 




Another Texas window.  A birthday present for a history enthusiast.
 The window to the right, 'Balloons over the Lighthouse', goes to Texas. The 'Lighthouse' is a portrayal of a rock formation at Palo Duro State Park in, of course, Texas.  
 Louisiana Bicycle Ride. I like it.  For Babs and Chris.

 Bear Lake view of Longs Peak.  For Randy & Connie in Illinois.
This is one of my favorite windows.  A young girl (some say Buddha, I like young lady or girl) relaxing and meditating in the peace of the night.  After dark, my favorite time to go outdoors, do stretching exercises and contemplate the days events.  So peaceful.
 Most of the stained glass panels we make have been inserted behind the existing RV window glass, or behind a newly purchased double strength piece of clear glass.  Occasionally a client will use a piece of Plexiglas for protection.  We believe that a beautiful stained glass window deserves this added protection from road dirt, flying rocks or damage that might occur from an admirer inadvertently leaning just a little bit to hard on the leaded seams use to create the panel.
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