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2a. Animals


Red Macaw which was made for a couple in Texas; delivered in 2014.

A window for Earl & Sheila, beekeepers in Oregon.

The "Frog" window was mounted on our Casita our trailer.  The window is going to Chuck and Geri.   Notice the crescent moon bevel.  It is a nice addition to a front door stained glass panel as it allows you to peek out the window to see any activity on the side of the trailer.
 Jerry the Cat is the first custom window we constructed for recreational vehicle use.  The panel was created for Carol and Jim, a wonderful couple living in California.  Jerry is pictured mounted behind the factory installed Casita window glass.
Marilyn is very proud of her border collie champion named 'Debit'.  This is a likeness of 'Debit' as he performs at a trial.
 In memory of Marcus the Shepard.
Another champion Rinn's Kerry is an Irish Water Spaniel from Canada.

 For Connie & Jeff:  The Plum Tree
For Cathie:  Poppies & Hummingbirds 
Bonnie & Tao in California:  The Cuckoo Bird in a Plum Tree
This window can be found mounted on a trailer in Georgia!

This window was reconstructed for Cindy to be mounted in her trailer called 'the Quail Egg'.   Cindy decided to customized her trailer with a window panel incorporating a stained glass oval her father had given her many years ago into the design.  A good idea that turned out beautifully.
A new window for a retired wildlife biologist in Washington State.