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Texas Star Scamp Entry Door Window                  Scamp Sun/Ocean Entry Door Window
Donated to 'Casita Club Giveway'.                                Special Holiday Season Price:  $75.00
Sold                                                                                Sold
All the supplies and instructions needed to mount the two entry doors are included with your order.  The size of the windows are 13 5/8" high by 13" wide.  Will fit the window as shown on our Window Frame Examples page 6.  Please measure your entry door window before ordering.  The stained glass windows will mount directly behind the exhisting entry door window.  They are easily removed if you decide to sell your trailer.
The windows can also be used as either a yard ornament or an indoor window for docorative purposes.  Let us know and your window can be prepared appropriately for either of these uses.
Texas Star Casita corner window or yard ornament.
I have two ornaments available.  Either one can be used as a yard ornament or as a corner ornament.  Let me know and I can prepare them for your desired use.  
Sale Price $36.00 Sold             Corner Window:  Sold