Tussic Street Little Free Library Charter #42335

We are located on:
6929 Tussic Street Road
Westerville, OH 43082

At this library you can find books for all ages. There is also a selection of different type of genres. Have fun! Find something to read on a rainy day or when there is no internet. :) The library is open all day and everyday! 

If you would like to visit the official Little Free Library organization website, visit: https://littlefreelibrary.org/  
Here, you can go to the map and view other Little Free Libraries in your area. You can also learn more about the Little Free Library Organization. 

Visit our Facebook page for current posts! 

Censorship: Materials that you leave won't be taken out for reasons of censorship unless they contain hateful, disrespectful, inappropriate, or threatening content. I won't censor religious, political, etc books because who knows if the next person might want to read that. If some books are taken out, it is probably because I like to rotate the selection every once in a while. 
(Note - Please do not enter any personal information and/or passwords in Google Forms.) 

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6929 Tussic St Rd

Little Free Library #42335 Book Suggestions