Littlefield Exterior 
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Littlefield Residence Hall at the 
University of  Texas at Austin 

Although our mascot is the ladybug, we are proud to be known as the Littlefield Ladies. Littlefield is the only all-female, all-freshman residence hall on campus, and we proudly honor our many traditions.

Littlefield was built in 1927 thanks to a donation from Major George Washington Littlefield. The hall is named for his wife, Alice. The couple had two children who died in infancy. The couple lived together in the Littlefield House, situated at the edge of the original 40 acres of UT, and the two would watch the students of the university come and go with joy. 

The house and the residence hall both still remain on UT's campus and are unique pieces of UT's history. Littlefield is the oldest residence hall on campus and continues to achieve excellence in the present day.

Contact Information:
Littlefield is located on campus at the corner of Whitis Avenue and Dean Keeton. 

Our address is:    2503 Whitis Avenue
                          Austin, Texas 78705 
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