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Gold'n Goal Project

Gold'n Goal Day - March 31st and April 1st 2012

The Little Dribblers Football Club players have such a fantastic time playing and learning all sorts of stuff at Little Dribblers Football that they want to be able to share the opportunity with other less fortunate kids around the world.

They've decided to initiate the Gold 'n Goal Project to raise funds for Little Dribblers Projects and support UNICEF'S Inspired Gifting Program to provide footballs for kids around the world in camps and orphanages.
Each participating Little Dribbler will have 5 shots at an empty goal from a predetermined distance. 

Very Little Grade (Under 2's) 500mm
Little Grade (2-3 Years) 5m
Middle Grade (4-5 Years) 10m
Big League Football Grades (6-8 Years) Halfway
Celebrity Shooters (1 Shot Only) Halfway


Any one can register to participate in the Gold'n Goal Day.
The shooting will take place at the Little Dribblers venues around Wellington after the usual Little Dribblers games.
There will be prizes sponsored by InterIslander and listed below.

Most Money Raised - InterIslander Travel Voucher for Return trip including one vehicle, 2 Adults and 3 kids.
Biggest Single Sponsorship - InterIslander Travel Voucher for Return trip including one vehicle, 2 Adults and 3 kids.
Spot Prizes of Footballs, Team Kits and Little Dribblers Vouchers. 

To register your Little Dribbler as a participant in Gold'n Goal Day CLICK HERE.


Corporate Sponsors

Please consider sponsoring a Little Dribbler for each successful goal, or a one time donation to support the project. 
If you don't know a Little Dribbler you can choose one from a list of registered participants or choose a Celebrity Shooter!
All sponsors will be informed by email of the success of their Little Dribblers shooting 
Any amount is welcome regardless of the size. Never underestimate the power of a 
small gift. The combined efforts of the community will be GREAT! 

Your donation is tax deductible and reciepts are available upon request. Your contact information will remain confidential.

Where your money will go

50% will help our Little Dribblers Projects and we’ll donate 50% to give footballs to children in developing countries with UNICEF. (Find out more)
Soccer is a game enjoyed by kids all over the world and UNICEF makes sure that children living in tough conditions, like refugee camps, can still play! Your sponsorship means that we can help UNICEF give footballs and will make a big difference to children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to play. Playing football is not only good fun, but when children live in stressful conditions, it gives them a way to just be a normal kid and play with their friends.
UNICEF guarantees to use our funds to buy footballs and will let us know which countries they were delivered to, so we can see just how much of a difference we can make. It’s a great cause!
Gifting one durable leather football, together with a pump, costs just $40.50! How many can we gift altogether?

CLICK HERE to go to our Sponsorship Page

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