Little Dribblers Football Club

The Little Dribblers Football Club has been created by SportZone, a football company based in Wellington. Systems, branding and compliance have been completed and Little Dribblers is now in a position to grow throughout NZ. With the first franchises up and running, the current owners are finding the business is one which can be run with ease and expected potential is being found.

Full marketing support is given to all franchisees along with ongoing training and support through in house training and constant back up.  Little Dribblers has developed an on-line registration system which is integrated into the Little Dribblers website.

Click HERE for the PDF, and have a look at the Little Dribblers program. Then contact us for more information.

If you decide that you want to go a step further then we meet and after gaining non-disclosures, provide you with all the information required to give you an informed decision that is is an extremely good opportunity.

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Little Dribblers Football Club

Passionate Accountant Buys Franchise

The Miramar/Wellington Central franchisee is Luke Cartmell-Gollan. Born close to the Arsenal ground in London, Luke studied accountancy and management at university before specialising in energy efficiency. A passionate footballer, Luke is convinced the franchise fee is good value for a business that offers great cash flow. “I’ve done all the figures on a “worse case” scenario and even if I had to pay someone a salary it still stacks up. I’m sure that it will pay back within two years – all we need is for the franchise to expand nation-wide so we all benefit from each other.

Little Dribblers Football Clubs operate during school term time and I’ve taken eight weeks to immerse myself in the workings before launching in term three. There’s full training provided and a detailed operations manual to make it easy. It needn’t be a full-time business – I’m aiming to spend 8 – 10 hours a week on it, plus Saturday and Sunday mornings, but I suppose that depends how big you want to grow it. I’m happy to share my experiences with any potential franchisees.”