About Us

Little Dribblers Football Company Limited
  • Description: Little Dribblers Football Company Ltd offers an opportunity for young children aged from one to seven years that is fun and appealing to both parents and their children. Little Dribblers have formed a unique organisation that benefits young ones in the encouraging and developing of physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. All of these are very important life skills. Little Dribblers is the ‘first choice for fun’, offering an active programme and life skills all wrapped up in one package. It is of a high standard and it is Little Dribblers’ belief that client quality is at an all time high. Little Dribblers host football games on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 8.00am, with games beginning half hourly through to 01.00pm. At the heart of Little Dribblers is the core belief that what they offer goes beyond just sport in itself.

    Director Anthony Morrison
  • Experience: Tony Morrison lives breathes and sleeps football. It is this passion that led to employment and then to building his own business specialising in football related activities — indoor football, junior and senior tournaments and league administration, school holiday programmes and, for the last 7 years, the Little Dribblers Football Company. 

  • His company, SportZone Limited, was set up by Tony to cater for indoor football, cricket and netball players. Tony designed and organised the construction of courts and facilities and then became promoter and manager of all the leagues and of the staff needed to work with all those who used his SportZone Indoor Sports Centre. Clearly, he has a wealth of business experience as well as football expertise, so it is not surprising that this entrepreneur is moving from ensuring the prototype works successfully and profitably to establishing a franchise group that will bring the same concept to thousands of youngsters throughout the country

  • As Managing Director, Tony brings to Little Dribblers his knowledge of the successful structure along with his vast business knowledge and abilities in team leadership.