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Affordable Housing

Herefordshire Council housing staff held a consultation exhibition at the village hall on the 27th April. The Parish Council was told this was happening, not consulted.
They wanted people "to place stickers on a map of the Parish on land that they know would possibly be for sale or where they think is suitable to develop affordable housing", and they provided information about affordable housing and answered questions.
This follows their survey last autumn which appears to show a need for 10 affordable homes in the Parish within the next few years.
There is a guide to affordable housing for parish councils available from Herefordshire Council
The map below shows the development boundary within Little Dewchurch
Little Dewchurch Development boundary

Three new affordable houses have now been built as part of the 10 house development at The Plough Inn (The Furrows) rented out via Homepoint but with priority to those with a strong local connection . we are pleased to report that at least 2 of the 3 new families moving in qualified as local ( no information at present about the third)