In the survey, which led to the publication of our 2006 Little Dewchurch Parish Plan, we said that the environment is the single most important issue to us.
We are indeed fortunate to live in the beautiful countryside that surrounds us: 95% of us claimed to "enjoy the rich patchwork provided by the rolling countryside and mosaic of woodlands, orchards, hedgerows and farmland".
Conservation is important to us, as are habitat diversity and making the village attractive, both for people and for wildlife.
The survey also highlighted areas of concern, which are now being addressed: 
  • Improving access for enjoyment of the local countryside. James¬†Murphy is our current Parish Footpaths Officer.
  • Litter and dog mess. Currently, some individuals are regularly picking up litter and some larger scale picks are in the pipeline.The Parish Council has recently put up new signage and bins for dog 'poop'.
  • Storm water and poor drainage and Roadside verges. Paul Wright is now contracted as lengthsman for the Parish.

These points obviously concentrate on our immediate environment, but we might also consider the bigger picture. Since the survey, Climate Change has entered the public consciousness and become an increasingly pressing issue. Unless we make dramatic reductions in our green house gas emissions, we are likely to experience catastrophic and irreversible Climate Change within this century. Our emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan requires that any new buildings be constructed to the highest levels of energy efficiency - buildings account for significant proportion of our national energy consumption, both during construction and particularly in running them.