Little Clickers: Lesson 4

Technology Goal – Applications & The Internet

·      Learn what an Application/program is

               ·       Review vocabulary from last week

Room setup

Computers on, but monitors are turned off.  No applications opened, confirm Browser and Google Earth have icon shortcuts on desktop. 2 chairs are placed at each computer workstation. Green sticker on left click button and red sticker placed on right click button on each mouse. Had everyone face me first in circle (like storytime) until lesson was over then turned to computers during session. Each class has a handout with supplemental links and tips to try at home.

Today’s Vocabulary:

·       Address

·       Application

·       Browser (Firefox)

·       Google Earth

·       URL

1.     Intro – review last class, vocabulary. Today work our muscles (act out) by using those action words a lot! Describe "Application" is the program, each one has name and can do something different. Last week we used "Microsoft Word" (an application). Last week we used an application that helped us get onto the "Internet." A few different ones, in this class we use one called Firefox. Today we are going to start by using our Firefox "Browser" (aside to parents, they may not wholly understand the vocabulary, but if you continue to use it as you use the computer together, it will help reinforce their understanding of it).

2.     Activity 1 – Open Firefox (icon matching) then minimize it. Open Word from desktop (Icon matching), then close it out. Then maximize Firefox. Open, Close etc.

3.     Activity 2 – Now we are going to open the application Google Earth (show icon graphic). Moms please help type in your address. We’re going to look at your house as it is seen from a satellite in Outer Space! What about your neighbors’ house or the library?

4.     URL is website address: used a large magnetic white board and over-sized magnetic alphabet letters as I talked through this so kids could visualize what I was saying. Next, you're going to go to a website address;

5.     Activity 3 – Open Firefox and type in the address, click on the little face up top (used a printed image of the logo so kids can look to match the image on the screen), then you may choose a game to play. Again, use letters on the white board when giving instructions. This is so that kids don't have to remember the letters. They are matching the letters on the board to the letters on their keyboard.

6.     Conclusion – we’re done and you can play games, handout chapter 9 from Tech Tonic, a report by the Alliance for Childhood, stickers and goodbye!



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