Little Clickers: Lesson 2

Technology Goal – Operation

·      Identify the computer as a machine that helps people work and play.

·      Identify the physical components of a computer system.

·      Demonstrate correct use of mouse


Room setup

Computers on, but monitors are turned off.  Browser opened and set to Boowa & Kwala (Up to Ten website), activity Under the Sea Coloring Page

2 chairs are placed at each computer workstation. Green sticker on left click button and red sticker placed on right click button on each mouse. Had everyone face me first in circle (like storytime) until lesson was over, then turned to computers (see 3, below). Each class has a handout with supplemental links and tips to try at home.



·      Click

·      Double Click

·      Close Out

·      Drag & Drop

·      Minimize/Maximize


1.     Review - Review last week’s vocabulary by playing matching game. I made a poster using photos of computer parts, then printed cutouts of matching images. Each child got a computer part and had to match it to the one on the poster and we all said the name while looking for it. Just used scotch tape.

a.    Monitor

b.    Mouse

c.     Keyboard

d.    Hard Drive

e.    Printer –

2.     Activity 1 – Act Outs

a.    Act out motions of actions we’ll be doing; Drag (e.g. drag your foot), Drop (drop pen to floor), Minimize (make yourself as small as you can), Maximize (make yourself as BIG as you can!), Close Out (make symbol of letter X with your arms), Double Click (click two times fast, demonstrate)

b.    “Okay, Little Clickers may now turn around and find the Power Button on their Monitor and turn it on.”

3.     Activity 2 – Mouse Skills

a.    Difference between the arrow and the hand using coloring page to illustrate on screen, when moving the mouse, is arrow. When it turns into a hand, means you can click on it.

b.    Drag and Drop – to make this picture, help your child drag and drop the graphics

c.     Allow kids and adults to create a picture together using the preset website activity. About 10 minutes.

d.    Talk them through printing the picture which kids can take home.

4.     Conclusion

a.    Brief review of vocabulary, hand out stickers, good job!, kids can stay and play/practice, but the class is over (30 minutes).

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Aug 7, 2010, 4:21 PM