Type To Learn 

We are using the "Type To Learn" computer program to teach and practice keyboarding skills.  The teachers take their classes to the computer lab to access the program.  It allows students to work at their own speed, and it records progress for teacher monitoring.  An added feature of the program is being able to access it at home using the following instructions:


For use at home, students need to download and install the program to their home computer from the TTL site  


Look for the instructions for downloading Full Version.  

Choose either Mac or Windows, depending on your needs.  The download does take time, up to 30 minutes.


When prompted:

Username:  student username assigned by school.  (first name, last initial: Example: Mary Smith is marys)

Password: student password assigned by school.  (the student lunch pin #)


If prompted: account code: 140879


After the program downloads, the student can use the program anytime with the student username and password.


If you have difficulty logging on, please email your child's teacher to check that you have the correct username and password for your child.