Science Expo

Imagine a day where bees, lasers, horseshoe crabs, bubbles, chickens, rainbows, and beetles descend upon the school. Or perhaps you hear a loud chemistry explosion, see marshmallow peeps expand, or witness a sorting dance while words like "photosynthesis," "central limit theorem," and "bionic eye" come drifting into the halls.

This is the LB Science Expo, a day where science truly comes alive at Littlebrook. This year, on Thursday May 18, talented scientists, parents and community members will volunteer their time to wow our children for the 8th annual Science Expo.  

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Now available, please check out the 2017 Expo Schedule here!  FYI, the schedule will open in "Class View." 
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Check out all of the wonderful science enthusiasts who are participating in the Expo this year!

  • Barak Bar-Cohen with John Denny, LB Parents and COO of Bai Brands

    • Bai Production

  • Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson, Science Teacher at the Princeton High School

    • Got Milkfat?
  • Lisa Boulanger, PhD, LB Parent and Associate Professor at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute

    • Can You Hear Me Now?

  • Gabrielle Cayton-Hodges, Ph.D., LB Parent and Cognitive Research Scientist at Educational Testing Services

    • Make your own Tessellations

  • John Collins, Emergency Physician at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School with Abby Rose, Family Physician at Capitol Health

    • Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones . . . 
  • Jessica Davidson, LB Parent and Animal Lover with Mrs. D'Altrui, LB Grandparent

    • Nigerian Dwarf Goats are Not only Adorable, They are Useful Too!

  • Clara Hartmanshenn, Sister of an LB Student and PhD Chemical Engineering Student at Rutgers University

    • Coding for Kids!

  • Brig Henderson, LB Parent and Airline Pilot of Jetblue

    • How Airplanes Fly?

  • Jonathan Hodges, PhD, LB Parent and VP of Engineering at Diamond Nanotechnologies

    • Secrets with the Visible Spectrum and Fluorescence

  • Grace Hu, PhD, LB Parent and Former Research Scientist at Rutgers University

    • Fun Genetics Games!

  • Kosuke Imai, LB Parent and Department of Politics and Center for Statistics and Machine Learning at Princeton University

    • Mathematics of the 2016 US Presidential Election

  • Nadir Jeevanjee, LB Parent and Atmospheric Physicist at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

    • Cloud in a Bottle

  • Molly Jones, LB Parent and Executive Director of Sustainable Princeton

    • Can Wolves Really Change the Rivers?
  • Lorraine Konopka, Municipal Arborist/Open Space Manager of Department of Public Works - Princeton

    • Emerald Ash Borer in Princeton

  • Gal Lavid, Director of Operations of Central Park Conservancy

    • Urban Park Management

  • Paul Lehrer, PhD, LB Grandparent and Professor of Psychiatry at Rutger's Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    • You Can Control Your Heart Rate and Blood Flow!

  • Ilene Levine, Retired Teacher from Roosevelt Public School

    • Sands Around the World: Color, Shape, Size and Composition of Grains

  • Ohad Mayblum, LB Parent and IP counsel at Medtronic

    • A Fantastic Voyage to the GI Tract

  • Karen McCullough of MMI Associates

    • Amazing Horseshoe Crabs

  • Thomas Meehan-Ritter, LB Parent and Director at BlackRock

    • The Science of Money

  • Forrest Meggers, LB Parent and Professor in Architecture in the Princeton CHAOS Lab - Cooling and Heating for Architecturally Optimized Systems

    • Cool Things About Heat

  • Tom Muir, LB Parent and Professor of Chemistry at Princeton University

    • The Return of Doctor Freeze

  • Juliana Nascimento, PhD with Marcio Buss, PhD, LB Parents and Researchers at Princeton University

    • The World of Engineering

  • Ms. Nicosia, LB Garden Educator and Master Gardener
    • Working Wiggly Worms: All About Vermicomposting

  • Yael Niv, PhD, LB Parent and Associate Professor at Princeton University

    • How Do We Remember?

  • Princeton Baby Lab, including Carolyn Mazzei and Eva Fourakis

    • How Babies Learn to Talk
  • Princeton Neuroscience Network, including Laurence Tao and more...

    • Perception

  • Voki Pophristic, PhD, LB Parent and Professor of Chemistry at University of the Sciences

    • Having a Blast with Chemistry

  • Jon Prenner, MD, LB Parent and Associate Clinical Professor at Rutgers Medical School

    • Bionic Vision: Helping Blind People See

  • Veronica Rajadnya, Publicist of TerraCycle

    • Fun with Colgate "Paper" Airplanes

  • Cal & Amy Rogers, former LB parents, Attorney/Director of Sales, and Part-time-backyard Farmers

    • Raising Chickens (and Rabbits too?!)
  • Paul Rodland with Kathy-Smith Rodland, LB's Special Ed Aide

    • All About Scuba Diving

  • Sergey Samsonau, PhD , LB Parent and Physics Teacher at Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science

    • Waves: Slinkies, Ropes, Sound, Water, and Light!

  • Joshua Shaevitz, PhD, Professor of Physics and Genomics at Princeton University

    • Getting a Spark Out of Phantastic Physics!

  • Frederik J Simons, LB Parent and Associate Professor of Geosciences at Princeton University

    • Gravity - The Strongest Force in the Universe?

  • Seunghyeon Son, PhD, LB parent and Visiting Scholar at Princeton University

    • The Physics of Thunder
  • George Theodoridis, PhD, Chemistry Professor at TCNJ with Janet Stern

    • Saving Nemo: CO2 and the Ocean
  • Gabriel Vecchi, LB Parent and PU Professor with Danielle Schmitt, Researcher at Princeton University

    • Why Does the Wind Blow?

  • Mike Weaver PhD, LB Parent and VP of Device Engineering at Universal Display Corp.

    • From Fireflies to Phones: Let’s Make an Organic LED Display

  • Martin Wühr, Professor of Molecular Biology and Genomics at Princeton University

    • Magic under the Microscope: An Egg Develops into an Animal

Many Thanks to all of the Generous Participants!

This event would not be possible without an army of volunteers! As in years past, we will need many to help the day run smoothly.  If you would like to join us in supporting the Expo, please sign up here or email Molly Jones ( Thanks!

Also, many thanks to all of last year's volunteers. We must also continuously thank Martha Friend, LB's Science Teacher, for her unwavering support and encouragement of this event each and every year.  


The LB Science Expo needs scientists, biologists, mathematicians, engineers, physicians, astronomers, chemists, geneticists, and more, as well as those who have a scientific hobby or passion to contribute! Share an activity, presentation, or simply your knowledge and enthusiasm about math or science with our students. 
Here are a few facts about how the Expo works:
  • During the Expo, students rotate from one classroom to another every 20 minutes.
  • As a presenter, you will be assigned to one classroom, and a new class will arrive to see your presentation every 20 minutes.
  • Thus, in one hour, you can present to 3 classes, and you are welcome to tell us how much time you can be available.
  • Some presenters come in the morning, others in the afternoon, and still others stay all day!
  • You are welcome to present to your children's grades, and/or any others that you feel will be appropriate for your topic. For example, some presenters target younger children (K-2) and others target older ones (3-5), whereas a few presenters can even take on a wider range.
  • Littlebrook Science Educator Martha Friend can help adjust your activity to make it appropriate to various grade levels.
  • Do you have any other questions? Please email Jenny (
  • Otherwise, to register to be a presenter, you just need to complete the following form.

Ready to sign up? Check back next year for our brief form and then hit Submit.  

Note: The form has its own scroll function (which may not work on your smartphone!) and the blue Submit button is at the end of the form.