Green Team

New this Spring: Reusable Tableware!

LB's Green Team is proud to announce the addition of our brand-new reusable tableware! Thanks to a grant from Sustainable Jersey, every classroom is now stocked with washable cups, plates, forks and spoons. 

This means you no longer need to bring disposable items for classroom parties! Instead, just show up with some yummy treats and bring home any dirty dishes to run through your dishwasher and return to your teacher. 

With end-of-the-year parties coming up, be sure to ask your teacher about borrowing them!

Get To Know Your Town: Introducing LB's New Sustainable Community Map

Designed specifically for the LB community, our new Sustainable Community Map pinpoints fun ways to live sustainably in Princeton. Highlighted are neighborhood parks, sustainable shops, local food options, recycling centers, and more -- all in one convenient map. Use the zoom feature to explore it and make a pledge to bike to a new park, ride the Free B to the library, or recycle something new this summer. Have another suggestion? Please send it to

Where Does It Go Littlebrook?

As of the Fall of 2016, LB and all other schools in PPS, have a new Compost and Recycling contract!  So, please check this list (and review the FAQ below) to find out what kind of waste we are handling at LB and try and plan accordingly when you or your child bring in food and food supplies. Thanks so much!

LB Where Does It Go

FAQ about Recycling and Compost:
  • Why can't compostable cutlery go in the compost?!?  The vendor accepting our compost (as well as the town's) is currently unable to process any cutlery. Unfortunately, this is not unusual. Many facilities are finding that 'compostable cutlery' simply does not compost within a reasonable time frame.
  • Can't paper plates go in the compost? This is tricky. Uncoated paper plates can be composted, but since they are difficult to find and even if you do, our compost farmer can't readily distinguish between them and the typically plastic-coated plates, they are frequently removed and sent to the landfill. Thus, we suggest using washable plates and cutlery instead.
  • Wait, how is it possible that LB is recycling more plastics than we do at home? The short answer is that the school district uses a different recycling vendor than the town. While the town only accepts plastics #1 - 2, the school district currently accepts #1 - 7.
  • So, does that mean I can bring in my empty #5 yogurt cups to LB?!? No, sorry. The schools have limited dumpster space, so it is only for in-school use.
  • But what about items not on the list? We've only listed the most common items, but for other recyclables, please check this app.
  • Where exactly does all of this waste go?  Good question. Our compost goes to American Biosoils & Compost in PA, our landfill is located in Tullytown, PA and our recycling is a bit more mysterious, but we can say it is picked up by Republic Services of NJ.

Upcycling Programs at LB:

In addition to recycling and compost, Littlebrook students also participate in two fabulous 'upcycling' programs:
  • TerraCycle's mission is to eliminate waste by recycling items that were previously non-recyclable. The company then creates new products from the converted waste. Littlebrook receives $.01 for each point worth of waste the school sends to TerraCycle. Littlebrook has raised over $1,500 since we began working with TerraCycle. 
  • The TREX Recycling Challenge collects unwanted plastic materials and turns them into outdoor products. In 2016, Littlebrook won the state-wide challenge by collecting 720 pounds of unwanted plastics! Moving forward, we hope parents will find ways to reduce their use of plastic, while continuing to collect those which can be upcycled through TREX and depositing them at Target, McCaffrey's or Kohl's.
Each program excepts different waste at different times, so please visit each page to get the details.

Keep it up Littlebrook! Together, we can make a difference.