2017-2018 Fundraising Parties: Teacher-Sponsored Parties

Past Parties:
T1. Cookies & Crafts for Third Gradersdonated by Laura Carlone, Michelle Seelenfreund and Jessica Saide
T2. Monday Morning Quarterback: Sports Talk with Principal Ramirez, donated by Principal Luis Ramirez
T3. Valentine's Day Breakfast & Books for Second Graders, donated by Katie Federico, Eva Genova, Joanne Ryan and MaryEllen Wallauer
T4. Wacky Books & Bagels on Dr. Seuss's Birthday for First Graders, donated by Kimberlee Holleran, Ann Pereztman, Kristen Thompson and Christine Trautman

Upcoming Teacher-Sponsored Parties (ordered by date):

T5. Book Bingo
Donated by Cristina Avena, Theresa Cross, Bryan McKenna and Kami Woodson

> Date:  NEW DATE - Tuesday, March 27, 3-4pm 
> Location: Littlebrook Library
> Open to: Grades 2-5 (Max: 25 children)
> Donation: $10 per child

Bingo boards are modified to reflect books, characters and authors. All students will work on one BINGO card at a time. All participants will receive a light snack and cool prizes, including Seuss hats, B&N gift cards, bookmarks, etc. 

T6. Digital Scavenger Hunt for Fourth and Fifth Graders
Donated by Ted Holsten, Holly Javick, Bryan McKenna, Caitlin Rossi and Julie Weisman

> Date:  Thursday, April 12th, 3-4:15pm
> Location: Mr. McKenna's Room
> Open to:  Grades 4-5 (Max: 20 children)
> Donation: $10 per child

This is unique scavenger hunt and race to the finish. Four teams will be provided with iPads to digitally record the event. The participants will follow clues to find specific locations all over the Littlebrook campus, and at each location they will find instructions about how the group should be posed for a picture. The first team to complete all 12 destinations wins! After the hunt, the group will enjoy ice cream and a slide show of the exciting hunt.

T7. Decorate Your Own Cupcake for Fifth Graders
Donated by Danielle Gargione, Amy Pearlmutter and Sarah Schwimmer

> Date: Tuesday, April 17th, 3-4pm
> Location: Mrs. Schwimmer's Room
> Open to: Grade 5 (Max: 20 children)
> Donation: $10 per child

Join the fifth grade team for a fun afternoon activity. Fifth graders are invited to decorate cupcakes to eat and some to bring home and share.

T8. Pancakes & PJs for Kindergartners
Donated by Brittney Mickens, Melissa O'Donnell and Leigh Salle

> Date:  Tuesday, April 24th, 7:45-8:15am
> Location: Mrs. O'Donnell's Room
> Open to: Grade K (Max: 18 children)
> Donation: $10 per child

Your Kindergartner will love waking up to join their favorite teachers for pancakes and fruit. Children will arrive in PJs and bring clothes to change for the day. Pancake stories will be shared.