Chess Club

When does Chess Club meet? 
All groups will meet from 3:00 to 4:00 pm on Fridays: Oct 6, 13, 20, 27; Nov 3, 17; Dec 1, 8, 15 (December 15 is a make-up date, if needed)

How Much is Chess Club?
The fee for the session is $120.  Checks to “Littlebrook PTO” should only be sent to the office after you have received confirmation that your child is enrolled in the class. To request a scholarship, please contact the school guidance counselor, Katelyn Hoobler at
How Do I Register my Child for Chess Club? 
Online registration will soon be open.  Please know that spots are limited and follow these steps:
  1. To register your child, please wait for instructions from the PTO regarding the online registration form.
  2. After registering, a confirmation email will be sent once classes are formed (typically one week before they start).
  3. Upon receiving confirmation of your child's enrollment, you will also receive instructions to: (a) submit your payment and (b) select a date to volunteer (if you are a parent of a Beginner or Intermediate chess player; parents of Advanced kids are now exempt from volunteer duties).
Note: We strongly encourage online registration (see above), but if you prefer a hardcopy of the registration form, please contact Gen Grossman at  
Parents: Don't forget to check out our list of Chess Resources below!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Chess Club

What is Chess Club and how is it organized?

Chess Club is open to all students in grades K through 5!  Experienced chess masters teach through a combination of focused instruction, chess puzzles, and game playing.  We combine parent input about their child(ren) along with teacher assessments, and split all chess students into three groups. Please see the Classes and Teachers section to learn about the groups.

When does Chess Club meet?
All groups meet from 3:00 to 4:00 pm on select Fridays, as specified for the current session.

Are parents asked to volunteer at Chess Club?

Yes, we ask that each family of a Beginner or Intermediate student sign up to help at one session of Chess Club. After your registration is confirmed we will ask you to pick a date when you can volunteer. Here's how you can help during your volunteer hour: 

  • As the students file into classrooms, grab some chess bags and boards from the cart for your classes (a few extra bags help to cover missing pieces).
  • Help the Chess teacher take attendance right away.
  • Keep an eye on the hallway during the first ten minutes when our chess aide, Mr. Butler, is scrambling to locate missing students.
  • Monitor kids going to the bathroom throughout the hour.
  • If a child is upset, troubleshoot with the teacher or Mr. Butler.
  • Notify Mr. Butler of any unruly students disturbing operations. If necessary, a 5 minute time-out in the hall is acceptable.
  • Help with dismissal as needed - Mr. Butler will ask a parent volunteer to walk the MASH students to the cafeteria so he can dismiss the others at the side doors.
  • Have fun and enjoy the class!

What if I cannot pickup my child at 4pm?

Please note the PTO does not have the resources to accommodate late pickups, as such we ask that you arrive promptly at 4pm.  If your child is picked up late repeatedly, it may be grounds for withdrawal or exclusion from future after-school programs.  For parents who have difficulty coming by 4pm, the YMCA program at Littlebrook includes various enrollment options, including drop-in (information available on the YMCA website).  

Do I need to notify you if my child will miss Chess Club?

Yes, if your child will miss Chess Club, or has a change in his/her dismissal option, please send a note into school.  Thank you!

Currently there are three groups in our chess club and each class is limited to 12-16 students:

Lucille Fresco-Cohen
Mrs. O'Donnell's K room

Clive Usiskin
Art room

Miguel Iñiguez
Science lab

Chess Resources

The following links may be of interest to you; however, please note that none of these events or organizations are affiliated with LB.

Chess Tournaments:

  • Princeton Charter School hosts monthly chess tournaments.  These tournaments are rated and Miguel Iñiguez is typically present. Register for the next event at
  • Princeton Day School also hosts monthly chess tournaments.  PDS offers unrated and rated tournaments, depending on your child's level, and Alex Jain is typically present for these tournaments. Get information and register for the next event at
  • Central Jersey Chess welcomes players to their monthly tournaments at Princeton Academy.  CJ Chess offers unrated and rated tournaments, depending on your child's level.  Get information and register for the next event at
  • Coach Andy's also lists This Week's Tournaments on his blog, and updates it every Monday.  Check it out at
  • United States Chess Federation (USCF) membership is required for rated tournaments.  The regular scholastic membership is $17/year and you can register at

Chess Activities:

  • The Princeton Public Library hosts weekly drop-in sessions led by members of the high school chess team - kids get to play and practice chess with them.
  • New to the Montgomery Shopping Center, Imagination Guru offers chess classes, as well as other technical classes.
  • The Princeton Chess Academy, directed by Andy Dong, offers weekly chess lessons.
  • (and offer opportunities for kids (and adults) to learn and play chess online for free.
  • The Internet Chess Club also offers skill training exercises and 'match-ups' with other players to have live games online, for a fee.

Chess Camps:

Student Code of Conduct Pledge

The goal of the Littlebrook Chess Club is to hold classes in a calm and respectful environment receptive to learning chess.  Chess affords students healthy competition and better reasoning skills, among other benefits. Students can only enjoy the benefits of the game when all involved are aligned with the same objectives. Thus we ask each student to sign the following pledge:

  • I will respect my teachers, peers, parent volunteers, and environment at all times. 
  • I will be responsible for my own actions and will follow the rules. 
  • I will not yell during class or participate in any other disruptive behavior. 
  • If I have a question or need help, I will ask an adult present. 
  • I am interested in learning chess and having a good, respectful time during my participation in Chess Club.