About Us

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) consists of dedicated parents and teachers working together to enhance the school experience of our children. The PTO hosts numerous events and programs throughout the school year with the help of many hard-working volunteers. From Sneakers & Cycles in the fall to the Pasta Dinner in the winter and school-wide family picnics in between, the PTO endeavors to continually strengthen the Littlebrook community, giving teachers and families a chance to interact outside of the classroom. 

Our goal is to not only ensure that all academic tools are available to our children in their classrooms, but to expand the educational experience beyond those classrooms so that students are able to see the impact they make on the world around them. Through our courtyard garden and Community Outreach programs, the children see tangible results. 

As a Littlebrook parent you are automatically a member of the PTO. Your support, both volunteer and monetary, goes a long way to make Littlebrook Elementary the exciting place it is!

Contacts: Not sure who to contact on the PTO? Start with littlebrookpto@gmail.com or find who you're looking for by PTO committee in the PTO Board and Committee Members roster.