The Nursery

As long as everything else in LBC's pre-birth life is being documented, why not the nursery? 



 Seussification phase I

Here are some pics of the first stage in Seussifying LittleBear's room.  The next phase should include a Fox in Sox, Sam I Am, Yertle the Turtle and Hop on Pop... although I'm not sure we should really be encouraging that kind of behavior. :)


Putting together the furniture

 Ok, so this is certainly a work in progress, but we do still have about two months to go.  These first pictures are of Jim and I in the newly (partially) cleaned out storage hold-all assembling the crib and dresser/changing table. (thank you Andrea, Donna and Grandma!)

Saturday's plan is to start working on Dr. Seuss cut outs for the walls. 

Seussification phase I

For the designs below, Jim was responsible for drawing and cutting out while I painted.  Hilary, however, painted the Lorax.  Each of the Seuss characters is done on foam backed posterboard and is attached to the wall with velcro so that reorganization at a later date is possible.  I've included some before and after shots.  


 Again, here we have Tiger doing his best to help Jim.  This time we're drawing a Truffula tree. 

 ... said Truffula tree, in progress...

And what's a Truffula tree without a Lorax to protect it?

Hilary diligently painting the Lorax. 

 The Lorax and the truffula tree greet anyone who enters the baby's room.

One fish, two fish... fish, two fish, red fish...

Half done Sneeches.

Sneeches and fish up on the wall. :)

Standing back to get a better view... there's Horton on the left above the changing table.

 Putting together the furniture
Here we have Jim and Tiger working on assembling the dresser/changing table.  Tiger is doing all he can to be really helpful which, when you're a cat of little brain, is not much. 

Stage one complete.  Obviously the furniture will all be rearranged at a later date.

Working on some hip openers while trying to figure out how piece BB gets attached with part Q & T.  (By the way, a word to the wise, Storkcraft has absolutely the worst  assembly instructions with its products.

Crib post assembly with its first inhabitants.

And the room as a whole... again, still a work in progress, but I wanted to make sure that the generous benefactors of LBC's first furniture were well informed about the look of their gift. :)