Photo Gallery

Some photos of Morgan at various stages. 

New Photos:

5 months old.

Although she divorced Binkie a few months ago when she was no longer interested in fruitless sucking the two have been reunited for teething purposes.


Morgan is determined to be queen of her own destiny and wants to hold her own spoon when she eats.  Unfortunately very little actually gets into her mouth that way.  


My new favorite picture. 


Now that she knows how to roll over Miss Morgan prefers to sleep on her side.  Actually she sleeps best on her tummy but waking up that way is quite disturbing to her.


  She just loves the camera. (Dave, seems she got over that particular issue :) )


Photo archive:

4 1/2 months old.

As always, happy in her exersaucer. 

 Little Bear loves Big Bear! :D


 "Wow!  This kind of feels like the kitties!"



The look of excitement on her face in this picture is because she managed to creep forwards to reach the Big Bear in front of her. 




"I don't need your help to sit up." 



Trying to figure out this mobility thing. 



bath time. :)  She likes watching water drip down from above.  I'll be experimenting with her in the shower soon.


Learning how to jump in her door hanging jumper.  Of course, her jumps end up more like spins, but it's a learning process. 

4 month birthday pictures, in her Paddy's Day dress. 


"You want me to do what??"


 "No, seriously, I *can* sit up on my own."

With Daddy at Gymboree.

One week shy of 4 months.


Just hanging out...



must. eat. rattle bear. 

Hanging out with the Daddy.

3 1/2 months old.


"oooh, feet!"



Chillin' in the exersaucer.

2 1/2 months old.


She's just discovered that she has hands.  She is now working on trying to get those hands to put things in her mouth. 



Warming up for the swarm of Valentine's Day outfits waiting for her to wear them. 


Morgan aerobics in the morning.  Here she is working on her push up. :)


Happy Girl


2 months old.


She looks like she wants to hug the camera...  :)


Naked girl being coy on the changing table. :)

Tiger always wants to hang out with us. :)

Like mother like daughter.  Of course I've never worn ruffles on my butt...  (although there is no rear shot, yes, she does have red ruffles on her bottom.) 


One of Aunt Patty's brilliant additions to MJ's wardrobe... read the fine print... :)


1st Christmas, 5 weeks old. 

Our first Christmas morning. 



Miss Morgan, 6 weeks old, and ruler of her own domain. 



Chilling with daddy after our one month check up.  The t-shirt says "Kingdom of Me".  How appropriate.


I'm cute!!!


 How true it is!


Mere minutes after her birth...

                        already wrapping Daddy around her little swaddled finger.



Little Miss Morgan Jade, 2 days old.


Nap attack!


Our Thanksgiving turkey. :)


Tiny Tigger fresh out of the bath.


Morgan sporting her Christmas convict stripes.