Little Alchemy

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Little Alchemy Game

If you ask me one game, you want to recommend your kid to play, and then I would say little alchemy game. A great game to play for kids, youngsters, adults and olds, you will enjoy to play the game, to explore the different things in nature by mixing the basic four elements, Air, water, Earth, and Fire.

If you want to play little alchemy game and now the second version also has been released as well. If you want to play online, this game, we have managed to provide you the link to play it online. Even little alchemy game 2 is also been updated in here.

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You can pick what fit your taste and taste; I hope you would pick one, among the thousands of the game available.

Play little alchemy Free Online Game:

If you are desired to play little alchemy, go ahead and tap on the play button to explore the different chemical reaction. Add what you want to add to the already created element. There are about 580 elements, which you should explore by mixing one into the other. For example, you would add air plus fir, it will become lava, and if you will add water into earn it will become mud, and the same way you will go on to explore the different elements.

It will take hours to complete the game and lots of thinking and sharpness as well. One can add already explored substance to any of the four elements. Like, if you add water to air it will become pressure, and if you add more air into it, this will become energy.

Little alchemy is a one-handed game; you can go ahead to play the game, and if you believe in the reaction, add stuff to the other and create what is the substance behind that.

Fun and education were behind to develop this game, and one can get both if play with the great zeal and inspiration. To complete the all 580 elements, it is required great focus, and if you are not focused, and had tried to play this, you would not explore the inch and corner of it.

Features of little alchemy game:

You are going to transform air, fire, water and earth into new elements. Believe me that will be a great fun to change in stuff into other by adding some basic elements. I myself had played the game, and that was great informative for me, same will be for you, must play this at least once, and recommend this to your kids who are learning new things. apk

    • More than 500 elements to explore

    • You can have this game online from this landed website and can change it to your desired language. There are versions of the game in English, German, French, Portuguese, Polish and much more.

    • Create mix element, gain the excitement

    • Single-handed game, no need any other opponent

    • The game is like to solve a puzzle, every time you solve the puzzle it will be like achievement

    • Can download the game as well

    • Ad-free game

    • No payments are required to access the game to play it online

If you have tired of playing the first version of the game, switch it to little alchemy 2 that is the next generation game to play. Hope you will get the amusement by playing this game online. If you get any error in playing of the game, or the game is not being loaded on your browser, please do comment in the section. We are always there to help you.