Reversing Links (good discussions, articles and tools on reversing) (The world's leading source for pure technical x86 processor information) (Ilfak Guilfanov's IDA Pro, the world's best disassembler) (If you are interested in analyzing Malware, this is your site) (The best ring3 debugger!) (Very nice SoftICE like kernel debugger) (IceExt is a very good SoftICE extension with many features) (THE resource to study malware techniques) (Learn about crypto techniques in malware) (It's all about Assembly) (Blog on kernel development and Reverse Engineering) (GMER - Currently the strongest Antirootkit tool available) (Tools, papers and discussions on rootkit techniques) (Code audit made easy with bindiff+binnavi by Halvar and the gang) (Ilfak's blog, where he sometimes releases useful tools like findcrypt) (Thorsten Holz malware research blog) (Malware focused blog) (Websense securitylabs blog) (Threatfire research blog) (Crash dump analysis and debugging) (Blog on windows debugging and reverse engineering) (Software vulnerability exploitation blog) (Metasploit project blog) (Reverse engineering blog) ([.::DeMoNiX::. ReVeRsInG pOrTaL ,unpackers section]) (Malware research blog) (Malware research blog) (RCE Directory) (The IDA Palace has a huge collection of IDA plugins, IDC scripts and so forth) (tools assisting you while analysing binaries like filemon,regmon,pstools) (a nice python language plugin for IDA by dyce of f-secure) (The place to learn Assembly) (detailed infos to several file formats, algorithms and so on) (A strong PE Editor with many features) (Protectionid is the best choice for detecting packers and protectors) (PEID detects most packers, crypters, compilers, has plugins for PE file editing etc) (TrId File Identifier - The best available!)

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