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Light and Hua Huo is together shining also bright however                                            |    BuLeeSearch              my dream

The beginning of my travel I follow the hope that the                                                    |    Menu               badge sandstorm of the road run aground

The time let face give out light the breeze snow                                                           |     MY blog         gradually to blow lightly the sorrow bright

The wing that was get a drenching just owns to                                                            |     Video                      wear to cross that stormy power

Ever of I wanted to sing and then sing my the most shining                                            |    Friends link
summer to have the most touched sunlight this year

You dream of my braveness for me before go toward                                                   |     comment me      rushed the wind blows and rain beats down to clap

Now of I want to sing and then sing my the most shining                                                |     Qzone
summer to have the most warm vision this year

The far-away place of the memory the brilliance that                                                    |    About me                   I cover with to wear shines on into the skylight to polish the dream

I am most shining