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1) Have fun and enjoy yourselves.
2) Members only.
3) Come to at least 6 meetings a year.
4) Be courteous, one speaker at a time, and minimize side conversations.
5) Cell phones turned off...or on vibrate if you're expecting an important call.

 1)      We are having this book club because we want to read and discuss books with all of you and have a good time. We are the dictators so we command that everyone have a good time. It is also important that the dictators have a good time -  otherwise we will double our rates.

2)       The book club will be limited to 20 members.  The book club meetings are limited to members only. We'd like to have a group of people who know each other well and have a variety of shared book experiences. We find the meetings go better if we have a good conversational circle.

a)      Spouses and significant others who are not book club members may sit quietly in the back.

b)      Sometimes there is a waiting list.  If you know someone who wants to join and who you think would be a good member, encourage them to contact us and get their name on the list.

3)      We'd like to ask you to come to at least 6 meetings a year. Since we limit membership to only 20 people at a time, this allows us to make room for new members if you feel you cannot commit to 6 meetings a year.

4)      Be courteous to others and be tolerant if others get caught up in the book.

a)      Please limit side conversations to only a few words such as “pass the peanuts”. Side conversations can make it difficult for others to hear and follow the conversation. If you have something to say about the book, we'd all like to hear.

b)      Give others a chance to be heard.

    c)      If you feel that you can't get a word in edgewise, raise your hand and the  dictators will let you go next. We'd like to ask all of the members to notice if someone raises their hand in case we don't notice.   
5) Cell phones turned off, please...or on vibrate if you're on call for work and/or expecting an important call.

So bottom line, our goal is for everyone to have fun, especially us.    Your Humble Dictators